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Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership

                          ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET   Course Code and Title:   BSB80320 Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership                                               Student Name:                                                                      Student ID:     Unit Code &… Read More »Graduate Diploma of Strategic Leadership


Team Leader

Student’s name


Date of planning discussion

13th July

Date of review

12 months




Idea Goals Preparation Objective Responsible Outcomes Timeframe
Implementing some adventurous activities in the café related to work will encourage the members to work and complete their targets (Kreitner& Cassidy, 2012). To effectively engage the members of the team. 1. Planning the activities. To make the members engaged with the team. Manager Engagement level is better 1 day
2. Discuss it with the team. To reduce the chances of disputes. Manager Better relations between team members 2 days
3. Implementing those activities To improve productivity. Manager Increased productivity 2 days





Idea Goals Preparation tasks Objective Responsible Outcomes Timeframe
Rewarding the team for their efforts and hard work that they put in to achieve the goals and objectives (Kreitner& Cassidy, 2012). To encourage the team for working best with productivity and motivation. Check their performance To evaluate their performance productivity Manager Better performance by the team 1 day
Correct their mistakes To give them lessons about effective working and correcting their mistakes Manager Improvement in the whole performance 2 days
Reward them as per their performance output To motivate them Manager Team members are effectively motivated 2 days



Idea Goals Preparation Objective Responsible Outcomes Timeframe
The tool of management will be utilized for maintaining the activities of the team and monitoring all the activities (Greenbaum&Kyng, 2020). To make sure that all the activities are implemented with full effort (Greenbaum&Kyng, 2020). Prepare all the members to implement activities To make sure that all activities are done as per schedule Manager Better implementation of activities 1 day
Evaluate their performance To assess the performance productivity Manager Better performance 2 days
Check their engagement level To increase the engagement level Manager Increased level of engagement 2 days
Give them feedback To improve their performance Manager Better productivity 2 days




Team members’ roles and responsibilities


  Activity Responsibilities Specific Goals Outcomes Timeframe
Owner Monitoring of all working To ensure that all objectives are achieved To increase the customer retention rate Increase in profit 15 days
Giving feedback to the team (Geddes, 2012). To make sure that all the activities are completed as per schedule To do marketing of café and attract new customers Increase in customers 20 days
Manager To monitor the performance of the team Make sure that all the members are working effectively To achieve the strategic objectives Objectives are achieved 10 days
To motivate the team to improve their performance (Geddes, 2012). To ensure that they are discussing all their opinions To improve the performance productivity Increased in productivity 15 days
Chef To arrange the cooking area and prepare dishes To make sure that food is served on time To satisfy the customers by giving the best services Increase in customer retention Regular
Sou chefs To prepare the best quality dishes (Ocalan, 2015). Manage cooking activities To make the best quality dishes Better customer satisfaction Regular
Kitchen porters Clean all kitchen areas Washing dishes To maintain cleanliness Cleanliness is maintained Regular
Maintain cleanness in the kitchen Carry out all basic duties To do better activities of cleaning The surface area is also cleaned Regular
Wait staff To serve the dishes To serve on time To satisfy the customers Customers are satisfied Regular
Maintain relations with customers (Ocalan, 2015). To communicate effectively with consumers To maintain good customer relations Better relations with customers Regular