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Observe Customer Service Hospitality Restaurants







Observe Customer Service Hospitality Restaurants



Assessment 1

Roleplay – 1

Some customers visit a restaurant for the lunch and entered inside the restaurant

Waiter: Good afternoon sir, welcome to the restaurant, how may I help you?

Customer: Good afternoon I am here for the lunch

Waiter: ok sir, So where would you like to sit at the tables which in the garden or inside the restaurant?

Customer: I would like to sit inside the restaurant.

Waiter: ok sir there is your table you can sit there.

The customersits down on the chair and now the waiter goes to him by taking his glasses, the notepad and the menu of the restaurant.

Waiter: sir this is the menu of the food that is present in the restaurant.

Customer: thank you for the menu.

So after observing the menu and waiter come to him with a notepad in his hand

Waiter: hope you look into the menu so, sir what would you like to eat for your lunch?

Customer: I would like to eat pasta and rice with chicken curry

The waiter noted down his order in the notepad

Waiter: thank you for the order sir your food will be prepared within 10 minutes please wait for some time.

Customer: ok thank you I will wait.

During the waiting time, the customer’s waiter went to the chef and gives the notepad of the order while waiting he served water in a glass and necessary spoons and equipment for the customers and also put salad

Customer: I don’t like to need tomatoes in the salad so please remove these tomatoes

The waiter took the salad back and the new plate the salad without tomatoes.

After 10 minutes the waiter went to the chef and took the food of the customer and served it in a well-mannered way.

Waiter: sir, this is your food have a happy meal.

Customer: thank you

After eating food customer asks for the bill

Waiter: ok sir this is your bill of $9 so which payment method would you like to use either by credit card or by online method

Customer: I will pay through a credit card

The customer paid the money and the receptionist give a mouth refresher. And waiter cleaned the table and also while leaving

Waiter: thank you sir hopes you like our service and keep coming and stay healthy




Role play 2

A birthday party is organised which is hosted in the café the guests gather in the hall for the birthday party

Host: Good evening sir, welcome to our café and thank you for choosing our café for the birthday party so how may I help you

Customer: good evening I want to celebrate my birthday party in a memorable way which will be on the 08 June

Host: ok sir we have a large hall in the café so we can conduct the event there.

Customer: so what are facilities will you going to provide while hosting the event

Host: we have a large hall and there is one stage on which you can cut your cake in front of your guest and there is an arrangement of proper tables and chairs on which guests will going to sit and eat their food. And decoration of the hall will be done properly and on the theme of the birthday.

Customer: so what kind of food will you provide for the guests.

The host went inside and took the event card on which there is food and beverages are present which can be delivered at the time of the event

Host: sir this is our menu card for the event from where you can order the food and we will prepare it accordingly one dish will be the café’s special birthday dish for the guest

After looking into the menu card he order the food and beverages that are needed by the customer and the host note them down in his notepad after noting them down for the menu and customer went back. The hall was decorated completely and the tables and stage is decorated properly.

Host: thank you for joining the birthday party here

The birthday celebration took place and the guest are first served wines and then food and special dish of the café in a proper manner and these tables were cleaned properly. The arrangement of the celebration in which ladies are in the first row. After the celebration of the birthday is completed customer comes to host.

Customer: this was the best birthday party of my life and t is memorable for me thank you so much please tell me the bill

Host: thank you sir this is your bill and what will be your preferred payment method we accept all types of the payment methods

Customer: I will pay with a card

After clearing all bills when the Customer was going

Host: thank you Sir for the celebration and hope you like our services and must visit again.




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