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 Customer Journey Map

Persona Description:

John Doe is a college student and he is living on the campus. He is currently working a part-time job at a local cafe near its place to support his studies. John enjoys outdoor activities and he is very passionate about photography as a career option. He usually spends his free time finding new places and taking beautiful moments with his camera. John dislikes complicated processes and highly believes in simpler means of buying things. He has recently desired an interest in interior design and is considering buying new furniture and decor for his room.

Purchasing Scenario:

John decides to purchase items for his room and make it more stylish. He starts by researching different furniture options online reading reviews and comparing prices. He is looking for affordable solutions that fit his budget. After proper research, John selects IKEA as his store to buy items known for its affordable furniture designs.

He searched on IKEA’s website and finds a compact desk with built-in storage compartments a comfortable chair and a space-saving wardrobe that perfectly fits his needs, and it is having great reviews which make him buy the items (Daunfeldt, et al., 2017).

The package arrives in the expected delivery time and John is excited about his new furniture. He follows the clear instructions provided by IKEA and manages to put everything together easily. The furniture looks stylish in his room. John is extremely satisfied with his purchase from IKEA and decides to share his positive experience on the company’s website. He leaves a review about the quality of the furniture. He also shares his experience with his friends who are also looking for affordable and stylish furniture options.

As John continues his photography journey and captures beautiful moments in his room he observes that the furniture from IKEA has enhanced the aesthetic look of his photographs. By this experience, he decided to take pictures for the company also for free.




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