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How Positive Body Language Can Affect Your Public Speaking

Body language has played important role in public speaking. Body language shows the overall
confidence level of the person. If one talks about public speaking then body language plays an
important role. Not just about the importance of body language in public speaking but also in
normal conversation body language plays an important role. This is a skill that one cannot attain
with professional qualifications rather than this is achieved through practice and previous
As we all know that first impression is always the last expression. So whenever anybody
interacts with someone, the person should use the correct postures and correct language, so that
the other person can easily understand.
Apart from that we usually interact with many people for job purposes so in that case one needs
to be very conscious about his or her body language to get better opportunities and growth. we at provide many details and explanations of mistakes that people
usually do while presenting themselves in front of someone.
There are following some aspects which one should avoid while presenting themselves-
1 Avoiding inappropriate body language
A person should maintain their body language while presenting themselves. Sometimes
consciously or unconsciously stand or present body language which is not acceptable to others.
Sometimes people wrongly interpret that gesture. These gestures include-
(i) Folded hands
(ii) Crossed arms
(iii) Tapping fingers                                                                                                                                               To solve this problem one needs to make themselves physically fit. If a person is physically fit
then his or her confidence level increases. The person should stand straight during a presentation.
During the presentation, the person needs to stand in the center of the podium. Showing back to
the public, moving here and there, and hiding behind the wall is not acceptable to the audience.

2 Importance of maintaining eye contact.
Marinating proper eye contact connects the audience to the speaker. It increases the confidence
level of the audience. Maintaining eye contact with the audience will smooth the process of
transferring the message to the audience. So for better transferring of the message, the presenter
should make proper eye contact with the audience.

3 Use appropriate facial expression
We should not underestimate the power of facial expressions. Facial expression presents the
confidence level of the presenter. If the presenter wants to deliver the right expression or
emotions to the audience then they should use an appropriate facial expression. The presenter
should maintain a positive point of view while presenting themselves.

4 Maintain appropriate correct posture
The presenter should maintain positive and consistent gestures. The person should go slowly
while presenting themselves. If the presenter should maintain the correct posture, he or she will
be able to deliver the right message with the right emotion.

What should a presenter not do?
1 Moving here and there and starting frequently
2 Move your shoulder frequently.
3 Fold the legs
So all this should not be done by the presenter while presenting.

5 Create script
The presenter should first create a script before a presentation. This will help them to cover all
the topics. Through this their confidence level increase. Apart from that, the presenter never
stuck when they have the proper script of the presentation.

6 Take an appropriate break and use a smooth tone
The presenter should understand the thing that if they complete the script without any break, then
it loses productivity. Apart from that audience get bored and even don’t understand the real
meaning of the content. If the presenter uses a rough tone during the presentation, then the
audience loses their attention.
So the presenter should take a break after some time and should use a smooth tone while
delivering the message. This needs to be done for a better understanding of the audience.

7 Maintain smile
If the presenter just uses a serious expression, then the audience gets bored. The element of some
humor needs to be included in the overall presentation. This catches the attention of the
audience. They easily understand the thing which the presenter wants to say.
Smiling is a positive feeling, which positively impacts the person. So while presenting the
presentation, the presenter should maintain a smile.
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