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How To Write In Cursive

Before learning how to write cursive writing let us understand what is cursive writing.
Cursive Writing : It is a writing in which every word is connected with the letters in style or a uniquely attractive design.
It is not that easy to write a cursive letter or words however on online platforms quite a few
websites like Moodle monkey are available with the help of which individuals can practice
cursive writing. Moodle monkey states that practice also plays an important role in cursive
writing, the more you practice the better cursive writer you can become.
There are a few things that are required for cursive writing.
All the essential things that an individual would require to write in cursive are mentioned and
discussed below:-
Eraser:- When you are writing or typing the chances of getting errors or mistakes are there. To
overcome that error and to erase that mistake, an eraser is required.
Pencil:- It is the most important thing that is required not just for cursive writing but for writing,
With the help it, you can write letters, and words or can draw.
Practice sheet:- It is the sheet that is required to practice cursive writing. In case, if mistake or
error occurs it would not affect the results.
Black ink:- Other than erasers and pencils black ink is also the thing that is required for writing
in cursive.
While using an Upward Stroke
It is a good idea to learn it from the experts who can help and guide cursive writing in upward
strokes using lowercase letters.
Exceptions are there, as most of the strokes are upward but in a few cases, there is a combination
of both upward and downward strokes. That is why an individual needs to practice while
learning cursive writing.
Moodle monkey website helps and guides how to write in cursive. It helps by providing all the
necessary information such as holding the pen or pencil smoothly and providing appropriate
Here are some writing tips.
1. Firstly, a downward stroke is to be made till the dashed line and after that, it is extended to the
next bottom line.

2. After the first step it is curved a little just before reaching the point and then it goes up again.
3. After reaching the dashed line, a small tail is made on the bottom line after going down.

Cursive writing using Curved stroke
It is the next important step that comes into consideration while writing in cursive. A few
alphabets are there such as “o”, “e”, “d”, “g”, “c”, and “a” which are supposed to be written using
a curved stroke. A small circle is made for practicing the letters with perfection such as “g” and
Capital Cursive Letters with Perfection
All the capital and first letter of the cursive writing must be perfect which takes some time and
detailing. If you are starting with the letter “L” it would become quite easier to practice letters

Steps for practicing cursive writing
Step 1: The adjustment of a pencil or pen is necessary between the fingers to write the cursive
letter in one attempt.
Step 2: Practicing the first step with appropriate alignment.
Step 3: When you are ready and prepared to write a perfect cursive letter then you need to focus
on joining the cursive letters.
Step 4: In this step individuals need to write the whole word joining all the letters without lifting
the pen or pencil from the paper to get perfection.
Step 5: In this step, all the sentences and all the texts are practiced using cursive writing.
Step 6: Starting slowly in beginning, using perfect angles and joining the letters perfectly.

To Develop The Expertise In Cursive Writing

In this, it is important to learn how to hold the pen and pencil smoothly.
1. Writing slowly and beautifully in cursive writing.
2. Without breaking the momentum write it smoothly.
3. Middle finger should tightly support the pencil from the bottom.
4. Thumb should hold the pen or pencil from the top.
5. The palm would be resting on the sheet while fingers are moving with the pen or pencil.

Moodle monkey website helps and guides how to write in cursive. It helps by providing all the
necessary information such as holding the pen or pencil smoothly and providing appropriate steps.

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