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What Does Writing Point of View Mean and How Does It Work?

A point of view can be seen in stories, novels, research papers, journals, etc. Point of view is
referred to as the standpoint through which a story is described or told in written form. In
general, it can be said that, the narrator’s or the writer’s way of determining who is narrating
the story to whom is referred to as the point of view. Point of view is said to be what the
narrator or the character wants to share the story from his or her perspective. Creating a
distinct point of view is very crucial meanwhile it affects how the reader understands and
perceives the different events, components, characters, and other elements of the story or the
reading material. There are three types of point f view which includes, the first person,
second person, and third person.
Reason to use First person in writing
Identification- For readers, it is easy to identify and understand the details of the reading
content with the narrator. Including the first person in the writing gives the sense of We and
Conspiracy and Trickery- For creating suspense and mystery in the reading content, first-
person writing is used. It helps to maintain the mystery and suspense of the main character.
Reason to use the Second person in writing
For Reflection- In any reading content, when the pronoun “You” is used, it shows that the
author or the writer directly interacts and speaks to the reader. Using You in writing is a
strategy for developing space for introspection.
Distinctiveness- In creative writing, the point of view of a second person is not very popular
or uncommon. Writing in the second person is a very creative challenge, and it can offer the
reader a distinct and exclusive experience.
Reason to use the Third person in writing
Intricacy- In writing, the third person gives limitless options. It is because the writer is not
limited by the observations, thoughts, and actions of the character. The writer or the author is
free to develop and make their own world, their characters that are intricate in nature.

Process of developing a point of view in writing
In any writing content, the point of view of the writer or the author is conveyed and
communicated with the help of pronouns and identifying the position of the narrator and the
author. The narrator or the writer always writes the entire content in the first person and
always takes or referred himself as I. other than this, the narrator referred the reader or the
audience in the second person and always uses the pronoun you for the audience. In writing
third person, the narrator always uses the pronouns They, She, He, and It.

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