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Travel, what is travel?

Travel, what is travel?

Travel means when someone is receiving from one place to additional by some conveyance options. In this essay, we are discussing the travel before, during, and after COVID-19, and we will be discussing the issues faced by the people during pandemic travel. As we all know how risky it was to travel during a pandemic situation but with some tips, we were used in dealing with that situation.

Many people lost their life at the time of the pandemic and it resulted in a horrifying situation for every individual.

It was looking as if life was divided into two parts i.e. Life before corona and Life after corona (Zenker, et al., 2020).

COVID-19 changed the way of travel:

At that time all travel options and transport were stopped because of this pandemic, due to this pandemic travel industry was destroyed very badly, and the economy faces a very tough time due to COVID-19.Safety requirements during COVID-19 and medical advice. In this essay, we are discussing the causes of this situation and its effect on the travel industry and the family. What are the descriptive and comparisons of past and present travels?

Travel before Pandemic:

Before corona people used to travel a lot sometimes without any reason People used to travel according to their willing nature (Zenker, et al., 2020).

Nothing much things have required no tantrums of wearing masks, no need of carrying a bottle of sanitizer, nothing like that.

Only some important information was to be carried with us like identity cards, and tickets.

Travel during Pandemic:

But during corona people were afraid of even coming out of their houses. Because the atmosphere outside was freakily horrifying. Whoever was travelling was getting contaminated. Many people were dying because there was no proper treatment plus travelling was not allowed at the time of the pandemic because it was very risky to go out. People were going out in only necessary conditions (Bakar, et al., 2020).

Travel after Pandemic:

After the pandemic, the impacts of the corona were still there so many people were still afraid to go out and travel at the time of corona. Many people were still hesitating to travel and if someone was traveling then he/she has to take “n” no. of. Precautions for travelling. Like carrying with them the report of their health updates. People were hesitating in visiting crowded areas. They were not eating anything from the market, etc.

They needed to wear a mask all day. So, people were not enjoying such trips.

For travelling, people generally travel through public transport, but at the time of the pandemic, nobody was willing to travel through public transport.

And if some people wanted to travel out, the international and even state boundaries of the countries were sealed, so the people cannot enter within the boundaries of that place (Bakar, et al., 2020).

As a result, the hotel and Tourism sector got affected very badly. Even the people who just opened their business were facing lots of difficulties in running it.

Importance of Tourism in an Economy:

The travel sector plays a very important role in the sector of the world’s economy. It served as one of the largest sectors in the economy, as it provides many job opportunities worldwide. Approximately 320 million jobs are available in this sector a maximum of 25 million people travel in the whole year and the covid pandemic lost economies.

People love to travel and are curious about knowing and travelling to new places preferred to stay at their respective places.

Covid-19 destroyed all the businesses including the travel industry (Malazizi, et al., 2020).

Causes why Covid-19 effect travel:

Because this pandemic affects people when people come in contact with other people that is why the government stops all fights and travel options are stopped by the government. All countries are banned their travel options, global restrictions are imposed on the country’s people this pandemic effect fiscal gaps

After this pandemic travel industry is much damaged so the travel industry wants to develop new policies for developing the travel industry once again. The government supports the industry by providing them with funds.

Other factors that affected Tourism:

At the time of the pandemic, many people lost their jobs and were dealing with the economic crisis, so in this situation who will travel.

At the time of the pandemic, people understood the value of money, as all the businesses were closed so people had to survive on their savings. So the option of traveling was not even justified (Malazizi, et al., 2020).

Tourism and hotels were the sectors that were directly affected by the pandemic because people were not feeling safe travelling out plus travelling were not even possible because many countries and states banned flights and other ways of travelling within their respective boundaries.

And most importantly people travel out to enjoy freely, nobody likes to travel with restrictions. So these were some factors that affected tourism during and after Corona.


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