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Top Tips for Nailing That Persuasive Essay

Persuasive Writing is said to be writing that has the major purpose to grab the attention of
readers. Persuasive writing is intended at helping the readers understand any specific topic.
This type of writing offers evidence for any particular claims that are included in the content.
A boring and irrelevant style of content can reduce the interest of readers and also decrease
their excitement toward your essay. So, it is important to write a good essay in a persuasive
writing style. Persuasive Writing induces or inspires the readers or the audience to explore
the article or an essay. It helps them to stay with the article till the end. It is the specialty of
persuasive writing that forces the audience to read the essay and also it increases their interest
in reading the particular topic or content. It is the art of persuasive writing that makes the
people involved in the reading and triggers their interest. Whether you are at school, college,
or university, or even if you are pursuing any online course, you have to write persuasive
essays at some point in your career and Moodle Monkey helps you in every stage. So, it is
important to learn the basic tips and tricks to write persuasive essays.

Persuasive Essay writing is not an easy task. It is quite difficult to start the essay or to add
creative elements or attractive components that grab the attention of readers so that they show
interest in reading your essay. It is a little bit difficult to write a draft a persuasive essay.
Moodle Monkey solves your all problems regarding persuasive writing. Moodle Monkey
gives you some important tips and tricks for Persuasive writing.
Here Moodle Monkey provides you with some tips and tricks to write persuasive writing.

Plan your Essay
Before start writing an essay, it is important to choose the topic of your persuasive essay. The
topic of your essay gives you an idea of what content or elements you should add to your
essay. So, first, decide on the topic of the essay and plan the things that you want to mention
or add to it.

Collect relevant evidence
While drafting a persuasive essay, you should select your stance wisely and carefully. After
that, you should collect or assemble all the evidence or facts that support the theme of your

Recognize who is going to read your essay
Your audience or your readers are important. Your essay should be written in a way that can
be easily understood by your readers. The audience or readers plays an important role while
drafting the essay. The tone, elements, and content should be according to the understanding
of your readers.

Conduct a background study for the essay
While drafting a persuasive essay, it is important to have a thorough or deep knowledge of
the theme or the topic. Before writing an essay, you should study the background of your
topic and also consider the opposing viewpoints.

Organize the relevant resources
The last thing that you need to do is organize all your resources that are helpful for your essay
in a systematic manner. Assemble all your supporting data, facts, and evidence in a single
place to make the work efficient.

Structuring your essay
After all the preparation, it is time to draft a persuasive essay like a pro. The essay should
include an introduction part, body paragraphs, a counter-argument paragraph, and at the end
conclusion is added.

It is the introductory part of the essay. You should add an eye-catchy introductory line in this
part. It attracts the attention of your readers.

Body Paragraphs
The persuasive essay should contain two body paragraphs. In the first paragraph, the opening
sentence states the argument and also contains the supporting evidence that is followed by a
transition sentence. The second paragraph includes another argument that is supported by
another supporting evidence followed by a transition sentence.

Counter-argument paragraph
It is the last paragraph of the persuasive essay. In this paragraph, you should include the
counter-argument. You should present it in a logical sequence. This paragraph persuades your
readers to understand your point.

At the end of the persuasive essay, you should add the conclusion paragraph. It is the
summary of the entire essay and the summary of all the arguments that are included above.
The conclusion is the end part of your entire essay.

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