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Tips And Topics That Will Work Without Fail

According to Moodle monkey , a narrative essay conveys the meaning of the personal story, A
descriptive essay’s main goal is to explain a subject or a topic through in-depth, sensory
observation. In their purest form, descriptive essays serve the purpose of helping the author
paints a clear and compelling picture of a certain object, person, or even incident. A writer
can actually control readers senses by using a descriptive essay to make them feel as though
they are a part of the subject being discussed.
According to Moodle monkey  the essay writer’s main motive and goal are to have readers
feel as though they have met a certain person, visited a specific location, or experienced a
particular incident after reading your essay, even if they haven’t actually experienced those
According to Moodle monkey , writers need to understand the most crucial thing. Writing is
labour-intensive. It doesn’t happen that you have an idea one morning and use it to produce a
masterpiece. Yes, such events have occurred in the past, but that is not the best strategy for
writing a descriptive essay.
According to Moodle monkey , there are some following steps to make sure about the
descriptive essays that are like

The pre-writing phases
According to Moodle monkey, you must make several important considerations before
a writer can begin to write an essay. Writers should first consider the subject that why they
plan to describe in their essay. Given that the topic frequently affects the essay’s success, it is
likely the most crucial step in the entire process. It may take the relevant time that is
considerable but that also works. Writers have to do picking as an essay topic, a writer can
start working on the topic in detail. And essays need to describe every minute. Then they
have to plan the essay for those specific details.

The drafting plans
According to Moodle monkey , before beginning to write the final essay, whether a writer is
writing a descriptive or narrative essay, they must first outline their intended material. As they probably already know, a writer’s goal is to give the readers a rich experience with the chosen topic. The writer’s aim is to provide great experiences to the readers.

Making the important enhancement
Writers must conduct many revisions where they must review, reassemble, and modify to
ensure that it takes the best shape. Writers have to needs to consider certain factors while
revising a descriptive essay.

According to Moodle monkey writers have to Make sure the words they choose and the
allusion they employ in the essay engage the five senses and give the readers a sense of
emotion and significance. Additionally, it’s important to make sure that readers are given
enough information to form a mental image of the topic. Writers must keep the reader in
mind throughout the entire essay, from the introduction to the end.
Your passion
An encounter with a beggar
Person you admire
A most inspirational figure in the life
The world from the 1 BHK FLAT
Current academic goal
First day in college
Perfect vacation
The most beautiful face you have seen
The reunion of family
day before exam
the hardest time in life
A day with a stranger                                                                                                                                                                  Meeting with an old friend
deepest desire
charm of wildlife
preparation for a presentation
the room we want to live in
The graduation day
An animal that I fear the most
life-changing event
dream car
biggest achievement
The ideal job for you
Best friend
Watching the sunset on a beach
How do you feel about your college?
How is life in the countryside
The video game that you are obsessed
What makes you angry?
first dance lesson
the person you can trust blindly
Going on a jungle safari
Visiting a construction site

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