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The Best Tips Ever on How to Write Reflective Essay

Before moving to the best tips or tricks to write a reflexive essay, first, it is important to
understand basically what a reflexive essay. A basic question or we can say a query always
revolves around the writers or the individuals and what is the difference between general
essays, and reflexive essays. But, do not worry, because Moodle Monkey is here to solve
your problem. Here, Moodle Monkey clears all your doubts and queries regarding reflexive
In a reflexive essay, the writer shares his/her personal experiences. Thoughts, or views
regarding any particular topic, article, lesson, lesson, etc. A general essay becomes reflexive
when you as the writer draft an essay with your personal experiences and analyze historic or
past events from the present. This article will be going to help all the writers who want to
draft reflexive essays. This article will be an ultimate guide or provides the right direction for
you on how to draft a reflexive essay. In this article, Moodle Monkey offers you a complete
guide that includes a definition or what we can say overview, the proper format of a reflexive
essay, and also some examples that will induce or inspire you to draft a reflexive essay.
Basic Elements of a Reflexive Essay
Here are some basic or important elements of a reflexive essay. It includes-
Critical evaluation of current or available resources
Demonstration of your familiarity with the important and appropriate literature
Various aspects of your standpoints or perceptions that are appropriate or suitable for your
chosen topic
Deeper or thorough meaning of your reflections
After knowing the basic elements of a reflexive essay, Moodle Monkey presents some tips or
tricks that will help you to draft the reflexive essay-

Keep your notes close at hand
It’s okay to not be a good essay writer. Everyone does not have expertise in drafting an essay
especially when the essay is reflexive. Just keep writing and practicing as it will eventually
make you a pro in writing. For writing a reflexive essay, you should keep a record of all the
exciting or interesting things that happen in your life or you should keep a journal of your
personal experiences. This will help you to add content to your essay.
Select an exciting topic for the essay
Before start writing an essay, it is important to choose the topic of your reflexive essay. The
topic of your essay gives you an idea of what content or elements you should add to your
essay. This step needs creativity or brainstorming. You should make a list of all the relevant
and attractive topics and try to ask for recommendations and suggestions from your assessors,
in the case of students. So, first, decide on the topic of the essay and plan the things that you
want to mention or add to it.

Follow suitable or appropriate literature
This tip can be a little bit disturbing for you because you have to put some extra effort into it.
Only choosing a topic for the essay is not enough, you have to choose a journal of articles or
relevant books that is helpful for your essay. The articles, books, and journals help you to
understand the relevant or credible literature o your chosen topic.

Thorough Research
Don’t forget that a reflexive essay is all about your daily experiences. To write a reflexive
essay, you need to do some deep research on your topic. It needs critical thinking and
brainstorming. Before writing an essay, you should study the background of your topic and
also consider the opposing viewpoints.

Write experiences and brainstorm
The last and important tip for drafting a reflexive essay is that you should write your
experiences in the essay and critically evaluates your own experiences. In your essay, you are
completely allowed to question your own choices. In this part of the reflexive essay, you should mention or include the alternative perspectives and demonstrates what are the things or how you can learn from the above-mentioned experiences.
Other than this, Moodle Monkey provides you with short tips for drafting a reflexive paper. A reflexive paper should include-
3 body paragraphs

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