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Staff performance management system

Position KRAs (any three)  KPI for each KRA
Catering Coordinator Supervising services related to food Effectively supervised food services
Oversee presentation of food Presentation of food is attractive
Perform duties of administrative Administrative duties are performed effectively
Catering Staff Prepare orders of drink and food Orders were prepared
Clean dishwashers Dishwashers were cleaned
Greet guests Guests were greeted
·         Process for performance appraisal, including?

Answer It includes the following:

1. Establishing standards of performance

2. Communicating all standards

3. Measuring the definite performance

4. Comparing definite performance with preferred performance

5. Discussing outcomes

·         Ways in which outstanding performance can be recognized may include any two of the following?

Answer It includes the following:

1. Make it particularly personal

2. Give opportunities

3. Motivate them with some financial rewards or incentives

·         Process of addressing performance issues, including?

Answer It includes the following:

1. Keep it factual and specific

2. Do not make it very personal

3. Be ready for listening to and also consider accurate excuses

4. Prepare the action plan

5. Follow all procedures

·         Documentation and record-keeping requirements (what documents you will maintain and where you will file performance management documents)?

Answer It includes the following:

1. Creating the record

2. Capture the record that includes all information

3. Accept or provide assisting documentation

4. Maintain  all records

5. Give an approach to records

6. Disposal and retention of records

·         Where this performance management system and appraisal schedule will be stored, and how they will be communicated to staff?

Answer This will mainly store in the company folder and it will communicate to staff by conducting official meeting.

·         Person responsible: HR Manager

Task 4 – Project – Develop the framework of a staff performance management system – Template

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