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SOP of Finance Assignment


I am really interested in the subject of Finance because I enjoy problem-solving and providing more value to issue-solving and critical thinking, which are two of my key intrinsic talents and skills relevant to the subject. I completed my accounting studies. My background and studies are related to the accounting process. I’ve watched my siblings get interested in finance, and it captivated me how the company’s statements and finance can tell whether the firm is performing well the accuracy of assessing the company’s success in terms of knowing the funding of the company and how that money can be derived in the utmost profitable manner.

Academic background

I completed my higher national diploma in accounting, which is essentially an undergraduate certification relevant to a profession in accounting. In addition, I earned an ND in accounting from Osun State College of Technology in Esa-Oke, Nigeria (Lower Credit). I took the SSCE (NECO) at Ansarudeen Society Grammar School in Timi Ariyo Badagry, Lagos. All of these qualifications aided me in developing an interest in finance. I have worked hard to comprehend the norms and standards related to financing the company, as well as to retain the awareness required to thrive and learn in the area. My desire and curiosity for financial knowledge have kept me engaged in the accounts department.

Professional experience

I worked as an associate chartered accountant of finance and control in Nigeria. This has improved my understanding of how a company should finance its projects and operations so that it can earn money in the most efficient manner. It has caused me to examine the company’s financial performance and manage the company’s finances in terms of money management. This employment role has assisted me in honing my accounting abilities. In addition, I worked as a Graduate Member of the Nigeria Institute of Management. In addition, I hold a Diploma in Desktop Publishing. This has taught me to design and plan, as well as how to build design layouts and much more.

Why I want to pursue this course

I have a great desire of simplify the maintenance of the accounts and as this course will help me with a unique skill set and helps in development of the knowledge and skills related to the decision-making and helps in handling own finances and supports in financial decision making of a company and what steps are involved in the process.

Career goals

I envision my future in the finance department and in the ways of financing the company and different projects of every organization. I’m used to maintaining communication skills and team spirit. Basically, I want to work in a global organization’s finance department and ultimately operate my own firm that requires financial expertise.


I am really interested in financial abilities and procedures, and I hope to work in the same area and acquire more and more business-related skills. I am very interested in finance department and am hoping for a favorable response to my application. I wish to pursue an Msc in Finance since it is an area in which I am interested and knowledgeable.


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