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Social Media Plan Part-II





Social Media Plan Part-II



Social media marketing goals

Increasing awareness about youth heaven – The main goal of the organization is to increase the awareness related to the youth of children between 16-24 years. This is the mean of the organization. By this work the organization is reducing the usage of drug which the youth find easy to contribute towards and use these bad habits for perusing their life and getting bad into them.

Having potential doner – getting potential doner will eventually help the organization get the better reach and potential working condition in the organization. These doners will create the positive environment towards the ongoing bad phases of organization. The done will give the organization open hand to contribute towards the success of the youth in their selective fields.

To reach public in creative way – the main way can be obtained from a good customer networks based over doners. These selective structures will give the best way of giving them ideas of what are the works which is contributed for the environment. Showing public what is going on in the organization will give them better view of what is done and how will they contribute with the potential financial help (Mahoney & Tang, 2016).

Content strategy to fulfil the goals

The strategies which could be seen for the further work related to the demanded circumstances which are to peruse the selective forces of the work. These strategies include,

  1. Proper presentation of the work which is done in the organization.
  2. Showing where the capitals are invested.
  3. Giving proper atmosphere for children to stay and shape their future in better working conditions.
  4. another good way could be giving the children direction for better conditions of shaping their future.
  5. guidance’s of how to avoid drugs and what are the bad effects of drug.

These are some of the major strategies which would find the doner and how these things will fluctuate working and also give everyone a vison of the organizational work according to the open needs of environment and selective methods of the work. The guidance of the company establishes the true values of the work (Ziyadin, et al., 2019).


Defining digital voice/tone

  1. “Drug free environment and focused youth”.
  2. “Career focused youth”.
  3. “Youth With direction”.

These are the defied toned which are used and usually occupy more audience in the current scenarios of working. These are the selective tones which are discussed and analyzed for the proper working conditions in the organization. The selective circumstances are appreciated for better working conditions and proper analyzation of the work according to the needs and deeds of the work. Drug free environment includes the place where there are no drugs based over the targeted audience is youth of drugs. These targeted audience will get a proper training and professional supervision of how not to use the drugs and how can they remove drugs from their life if they are applicable or they are onto the chapters of drugs.




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