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Smart Tips to Write an Essay Introduction

An essay can be called an analytic composition of literature, that mostly deals with the
subject from a personal viewpoint. A good paragraph of introduction is an important part of
any essay of academic nature. It builds up the argument while also letting the reader know
what to expect. Some of the smart tips for writing an essay introduction are as follows:

1) Hooking up the reader- the first sentence of an essay sets the tone for its whole, therefore time
should be spent selecting to write an effective hook. Long as well as dense sentences should
be avoided, instead the starting should be with something concise, catchy as well as clear so
that the curiosity of the reader is sparked. Moodle monkey does it best when it comes to
hooking up the reader. The experts of Moodle monkey have good experience and knowledge
when it comes to essay. Besides this claims that are overly broad or statements of fact that are
plain should also be avoided. the hook should be something that gives a sense to a reader of
the topic. The essay introduction by Moodle monkey has always a great and catchy opening.
For example – braille has been a significant invention is wrong but starting like braille
invention has been a significant turning point in disability history. Here the first statement is a
plain fact but the second one makes the reader more interested in the relevance of the topic.

2) The second step in the essay introduction would be to provide the reader with a context so
that they have an understanding of the topic as well as the argument. Contingent on the essay
subject, this might involve – social, historic, or geographical context, an outline of the
addressed debate, topic research or the relevant theories summary, and definitions of the main
terms. The information presented should be in detail but still focused as well as relevant to
your topic. Not too many details are to be given, but things that are to be returned later on
should be mentioned since interpretation as well as evidence is to be saved for the essay’s
main body. The space needed for the background is dependent on the topic along with the
essay’s scope.

3) Step three is the time where it is time to slender down the focus and exactly display what is
to be written about the topic. This is like the statement of thesis – one or two sentences that
help in summing up the complete argument. This step also becomes one of the most
significant parts of the introduction. A good thesis is not all about the statement of fact but it
also needs explanation as well as evidence. The main goal here is conveying own position or
the main point about the topic. The statement of thesis by Moodle monkey is very interesting.

4) Mapping of the essay structure is all that takes place in this step. Especially in long essays,
it gets very helpful to end the introduction by way of signposting what is covered by each
part. It should be kept precise and give the reader a clear direction sense of the argument.

5) The last tip for essay introduction is given in this last step which is to check and revise. After
researching and writing, the argument has the possibility of changing the direction of focus as
more is learned. It is for this aim that it is a great idea to wait till later in the procedure of
writing before the overview paragraph is written, it might even be the most recent thing to be
written. When the essay body, as well as the conclusion, is finished, then the person writing
an essay should return to the introduction and check, whether it is in line with the essay
content. It is very significant to be sure that the statement of thesis represents exactly what is
done by you in the essay. If the argument did not go as planned, the statement thesis should
be tweaked to match what has been said. The checklist below should be used to be sure that
everything that is supposed to be mentioned is done in the essay. All this is done by Moodle monkey in their essay writing.

Example of checklist –

 The starting sentence is relevant as well as engaging.

 The introduction of the topic is done with relevant as well as essential background

 The vital terms have been defined.

 The proposition statement presents the main argument

 Everything that has been mentioned in the overview is relevant to the core essay

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