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SITXGLC001 Research and Comply to Regulatory Requirements

Task 1

Question 1

The nature of business and its operations are-

As a manager for THE CAFE’s dessert cafe, I am a licensed restaurant manager.There are several desserts on our menu (THE CAFE). We also serve ice cream, muffins, tea and coffee.5 Iarter court Wantirma South, in Wantirma South, is home to THE CAFE, which opened in 2017.There are 80 to 30 customers who can come to our café 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A Food Safety Program Supervisor has a degree in the kitchen and beverage department, as well as an RSA certificate (Dickie, et al., 2019).

Question 2

The restaurant is the area of business

Some of the legal and licensing needs are-

1) Business license

2) Food and safety certificate

3) Liquor license

4) Foodservice licensing

5) RSA certificate

6) Business Permit

Policy- WHS policy and suitable food safety supervision qualifications (Beeston, et al., 2019)

Question 3

Some of the requirements which need to be researched for the area of operations that has been chosen above are-

1) Contracts

2) Environmental protection (including hazard identification, minimal impact practices and

Incident reporting)

3) WHS

4) Workers’ compensation especially injury reporting and occupational rehabilitation

5) Food Safety & Food Standards Australia New Zealand Act 1991

6) Liquor licensing & RSA

Question 4

Consistently, national government divisions issue a great many guidelines. Consistently, Congress passes many regulations. New guidelines can at times supplant old ones, and they can now and again add levels of intricacy. Assuming your organization is committed to adhering to these guidelines, keeping steady over everything can be troublesome. Punishments for neglecting to satisfy industry principles may be extreme. Infringement of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPPA) principles overseeing safeguarded wellbeing data, for instance, can bring about fines going from $100 to $50,000 per break, with the greatest punishment every year of $6 million.

Task 1.1

Question 1

Some of the sources which need to be accessed and some of the authorities who can be contacted to collect the regulatory information about the business operations in a certain area-

  • Website of the organization
  • The anti-discrimination law
  • Employer superannuation contributions
  • Taxation
  • Insurances
  • Liquor licensing and RSA
  • Industrial relations

Some of the authority’s are-

  • Legal agents and consultants (Panicker, 2021).

Question 2

I recruit a legitimate master since I want to understand what I’ll have to follow a liquor permit.

For instance, I called Michal Potter, a law office that spends significant time in the liquor industry. They illuminate me that anybody younger than 18 isn’t allowed to do liquor business.

Task 2

Establish a business compliance system

Question 1

Some of the things which can be intended to get the updated information on the licensing and law’s needs-

1) Seminars can be attended.

2) Regular newsletter can be subscribed

3) Internet can be used for recent changes and amendments.

Question 2

How- with the help of workshops, presentations, emails, and brochures

What time- when new staff is recruited, when there is a change in the policy and procedure.

A discussion can be done with the staff members and their issues can be discussed.

Question 3

Some of the steps which can be taken care-

1) Regular WHS training can be provided.

2) To the staff member’s booklets can be handed over.

3) Regularly audits will be conducted.

Question 4

1) For the identification of hazards, regular audits can be conducted.

2) For the issues of health and safety regular, training can be provided.

Question 5

To minimize the risk, the insurances which need to be purchased are-

1) Property policy

2) Liability policy

3) Professional liability insurance (Panicker, 2021).

Task 3

Question 1

To maintain the occupation and business license the system which can be used-

1) To timely pay the bills google calendar can be used.

2) For electric paying and filling, a due date system can be used.

Question 2

1) Before hiring the reach can be conducted regarding the contractors.

2) Request to finish an agenda that consents to all prerequisites for wellbeing and security.

3) To check agency or person can be assigned.

Question 3

We have been able to sell liquor to minors because some employees did not ask for identification & assumed the client was of legal age. To prevent this from happening again, we have provided warnings to all employees, and have trained them to always request identification from all clients. We have also consulted with the police to provide a training program on recognizing false identifications (Toumbourou, et al., 2022).

Question 4

Some types of opportunities I would look to maintain the currency of knowledge-

1) My observation

2) Internet surfing

3) Communication with the key personnel

4) I would join the related groups and associations.

5) Articles and website.

Question 5

1) The meeting can be conducted with the manager

2) Social networks

3) Education networks

4) With the staff PPT can be prepared and discussed

5) Email can be sent to all staff members

6) Policy and procedure will be prepared which are accessible simply to the employees.

7) Deadlines can be set.

Task 3.1

RSA policies and procedures have continued to change, so waiters and managers need to be aware of them. There is a need for waiters and managers to keep up with the RSA policies and procedures since they are constantly changing. A copy will be sent to all the staff members through email (Kremer, et al., 2022).

Task 4

Portfolio of evidence

Question 1

Area of compliance Relevant industry, legislative or regulatory requirements Relevant sources of information Policies and procedures required
Privacy of employees and customers Principles of national privacy

Privacy act Privacy policy and procedure
Human rights Equal opportunity act Human right policy
Taxation Income Tax assessment regulation 1997 Australian taxation policy and procedure
WHS Work health and safety act 2011(Flamingh, & Fairhall, 2020). WHS procedure and policy

Task 4.1

The policy which is required is the taxation policy.

The role and responsibility of staff for regulatory compliance are-

  • Goods and service tax
  • In general, everyone is responsible for paying taxes on the taxable income they earn from work, business, investment, or government benefits. All employers have a legal obligation to pay taxes under federal and state laws.
  • Pay the minimum contribution amount of 9.50% of the employees’ earnings each quarter for the employees who qualify Provide them with a form to choose their standard of living (Flamingh, & Fairhall, 2020).


de Flamingh, J., & Fairhall, H. (2020). Employment law and WHS: Containing coronavirus: Workplace considerations. LSJ: Law Society of NSW Journal, (65), 71-73.

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