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SITHPAT006 Produce Desserts

Question 1

Category Menu example Garnish Accompaniment Recipe attached
Tart Cycle Sprinkle cake crumbs Cream

Sieve flour, rub butter, add ice, use rolling in, knead the dough, prick all over the trat, put it on the baking tray, bake it transfer it to cool down.

Crème brûlée Prix Toasted almonds Truffles Add cream with vanilla to pan and start scraping at low flame, bring it to boil, and let it set and it is ready.
Ice cream dessert Toasted sesame seeds shortcake Take custard put it into the boiling milk stir well it put into the ice cream cone not put it in the fridge and let it freeze.
Fritters Du jour menu Fruit pieces Cream

Deep fry the banana pieces and after applying the batter. Let it cool and serve hot.

Sabayon Prix fixe menu Almonds Shortcake Add water to the and pan bring to boil. Add egg, water, and store in ba owl put above boiling water, cook it while mixing once it get dissolved let it cool down and serve hot
Pudding Dessert Sesame seeds Almond paste Mix chocolate with milk in a bowl, add items such as vanilla essence, etc, transfer it to a greasedaluminum tray and, and put it in the oven. Serve hot.
Soufflé Table dhote Freeze crumbs. Caramelized bananas Puree strawberries, mix gegetsine with water, separate the eggs, mix the pulp, on get thicker, beat the egg add to it, take the vessel out of the ice serve it as it is.
Fruit pie Dessert Chocolate shaving Truffles Boil the fruits add favorite garnishes to them and serve as it is.
Bavarois La carte Toasted nut Shortcake Boil milk, boil water, add choclate and butter, whip the cream, take small bowlsnvert the item in it with proper garnishing,
Crêpes Dessert Freeze crumbs Cinnamon custard Whisk flour and egg together while adding milk and water, heat oil add item, tilt pan circular motion, cook it for 2 min serve hot.
Mousse Cycle menu Nuts Almonds paste Beat egg yolks in a bowl, heat whipping cream, and, start adding egg while stirring, cook for a few minutes and serve as it is.

 Question 2

The most common machines or the equipment that are being used in the above-presented card are as follows: measuring cups, wooden spoons, rubber spatula, pastry brush, whisk, kitchen scissors, rolling pin, canning jar, pie plates, pie weights, help with fruit prep, dough scraper, pie plates, etcBetty (Crocker.2015).

Question 3

Set-up of ice cream machine Cleaning and sanitation requirements
It is easy to do start by putting the auger in and then close it with the lid and remove the rod from it after fixing it correctly so that ice cream doesn’t come out of it add the leaver and put the rod again in it now it is good to operate and just be adding the tray for the machine it is ready to use. The water is around 2 liters mixed with the detergent and pours it into the machine and that just starts the dasher by pressing the start button when 2 mins have completed stop the dasher open it and let all the water come out.

Doing the operation multiple times will lead to better cleaning (Pimentel, et al., 2021).

 Question 4

The nutritional aspect that applies to the desserts as it mainly contains the major part of carbs, protein, fiber, and lastly fat, and balancing them is the primary objective in this case. This can be done by using the high-quality product such as for reducing the fat egg white can be used in the place of whole egg and for increasing fiber fruits are a better option, for cabs right flour which is of whole grain must be used and for protein egg whites are good enough (Larson, 2017).

Question 5

Name/Details Special Request Ingredients to Avoid Substitute Ingredients Dessert Option
Miller, Table 5 Gluten intolerance Flour with the height Gluten-free flour Cake
Green, Table 6 Nut allergy All sortsof nuts such as peanut Cherry Pastry
Rosenthal, Table 6 Sugar-free Must use unnatural sugar Jaggery Pie
Mohammed, Table 2 Low carbohydrate Chocolate Only egg white Muffins
Macbeth, Table 3 Vegan Avoiding egg Flour Waffles
Youngman, Table 4 Diabetic, low fat Fat Almond cashews Pancakes

Question 6

Allergy Implications
Gluten Gluten-free
MSG MSG free
Nuts Nut free
Eggs Egg-free
Lactose Lactose-free
Salicylates Salicylates free
Histamine Histamine free
Legal Implications

If the chef has known about the issue or the condition of the customer or client and still does not exclude any of the allergic ingredients and case that leads to an accident with the customer can lead to legal action against the chef.

 Question 7

Production process Method and economical or cost factors
Jam process Add a cup of fruit to a large bowl, add sugar, let it set for about 20 min, add powder pectin with cold water, bring to boil to 1 min and lastly add pectin solution to fruit.
Fresh blending process As juicing extract nutrient well on the other hand blending process doesn’t. it grinds the entire fruit
Stock syrup process Take sugar, glucose, and water in a small pan let it boil at medium temperature, and stir well till sugar dissolves. Let boil it well. Strain in fine mesh to bowl, and let it cool. Store in a tight container.

 Question 8

Sauce Production method
Anglaise based Mix egg white or yolk in a bowl and blend it well. Add hot milk with a little bit of sugar and the flavoring agent add decoration of your choices
Custard based Putting custard powder in the milk with the fruits

Question 9

Description for sabayon Production steps
It is a sauce of multiple things such as egg yolks, savory seasonings which are as mustard and pepper, and one more ingredient is wine. In hot water add all the ingredients together and make a saucy sauce-likesistency.

 Question 10

Sauce Description
Crème Chantilly Whipped cream sweet in nature
Crème à l’Anglaise It is an English cream/ custard sauce
Crème Renversée Belong to the family of Lesentremets
Crème Française Heavy thickened cream
Crème Pâtissière It is a French filling
Crème Bavarois It is a type of set cream made up of custard
Crème Diplomat It is crème patissiere mixed with chantilly
Butter Cream Butter icing or frosting
Mousse or Mousseline Spongy food

Question 11

Thickener Description Application
Gelatine For fluffiness Use in cake
Agar-agar Jelly like substance In vegan food
Carrageenan Thickness additive Drinks or to preserve food
Locust bean gum Food additive In cooking
Acacia or Gum Arabica Gummy substance Thicken beverages
Sago and Tapioca Used with flour in baking In making deserts
Corn flour, arrowroot, and other starches Use for adding the thickness In soup etc.
Pectin Sugar replacer Use in jam
Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose Emulsifier It also used as a food thickener
Roux Flour and fat Use in care
Egg yolks For making the base of the cake In pastry and cake

Question 12

Garnishes must be edible and not only that but also looks good and each and everything that has been provided is on the plate. The cleanliness does have major points in and keep it as simple as possible too much of anything started to look bad, and it destroys the purpose of decoration.

The desert-related garnishing is required so that it doesn’t look bad and can go with the theme of the item(Mesnier, 2017).

Question 13

Key focus Considerations Applications
Colour Must be attractive Decoration
Texture Well textured For presentation
Flavor Pleasant flavor To add multiple tests
Height Acceptable height as per the need can be change
Temperature Appropriate temperature For the best taste present at the right temperature
Shapes and proportions Appropriate shape with normal proportion For decoration.

Question 14

Name of dish:

Brioche Bread and Butter Pudding

Portion nos.: 6
Ref.source: Futura Group
Total Cost: $ 15.00 Portion size
Portion Cost:   $
Item Specification Weight kg/l/Unit Cost per kg/l/Unit Actual cost
Brioche loaf  batch 0.500 batch $8.50 each 4.25
Butter  Kilo gram 0.050 kg $7.20 kg 0.00036
Caster sugar  Kilo gram 0.120 kg $2.20 kg 0.000264
Vanilla pod   Piece 0.500 each $5.50 each 2.25
Eggs   Piece 4.000 each $0.30 each 1.2
Milk  Litre 0.250 L $1.60 L 0.4
Cream  Litre 0.250 L $6.60 kg 1.65
Banana  Piece 2.000 each  $1.30 each 2.60
Chocolate Callets  Kilo gram 0.100 kg $14.00 kg 1.4
 Icing sugar  Kilo gram 0.050 kg $2.50 kg 0.125
Total Cost 9.57
Portion Cost 1.59

Question 15

The proper way of handling the things in case of desserts is as follows:

1 food must not get spoiled under any circumstances and to do so proper handling of food is required to prohibit any kind of contamination.

2 make sure that if someone is ill to keep the food away from him and that person must not go near the item to make sure that it is safe.

3 not just the food but also the ingredient of preparation must be kept correctly.

4 at the time of the service and distribution proper maintenance must be maintained.

The expiry dates and the ingredient used in it must be mentioned correctly so that the food can be consumed accordingly.


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