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SITHKOPOO2 Plan and Cost Basic Menus

Part B

Practical Observation

Identifies customer preference

Understanding the preferences of consumers are very essential while selling the product and offering the service. This is due to consumers being the determiners of mainly how successful the organization becomes.

The preferences of consumers can be identified by following the given points:

  1. Methods of shopping should be found.
  2. Complaints of consumers should have listened
  3. Invest in the consumer research
  4. Survey on consumer satisfaction should be conducted

Plan menus

The planning of the menu can be done by following the given points:

  1. Ongoing list of groceries should be posted
  2. Ideas for the meal should be developed and created
  3. Ideas of favourite seasonal dishes to be listed
  4. Planning should be started at this stage regarding meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner should be done.

Costs of menu

For calculating the ideal cost of food, the cost of food for every item on the menu should be determined first. The cost of every item on the menu should be multiplied by the number of periods it was mainly sold in the provided time. The system of POS must be able to handle the sales mix. The items should be priced similar or lower than the competitors.

Writes menu-content

The menu comprises four elements that include title, context, descriptions of the menu and instructions. The context of the menu gives information for keeping the user learning. The title of the menu gives the context for the present set of all choices. The choices of description are the substitute available mainly to the user. The instructions of completion tell users how choices can be indicated.

Evaluate menu success

The success of the menu can be evaluated by assessing the margins of profit, by assessing the retention rate of consumers, and by assessing the sales of the organization.

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