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SITHIND002 Source and Use Information on the Hospitality Industry

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Task 1: Written Questions

  1. List ten information sources you can use to gather information about the structure and operation of the hospitality industry. Provide an example for each one that you readily use. Write between 70-90 words.
  2. Complete the table by listing a characteristic and a main function for each of the following sector:
Sectors Characteristic Main Function
Food and beverage    
Meetings and events    

  1. What is an industry accreditation scheme and what is the benefit to a business of being in one? Write between 30-50 words.
  2. What are the impacts of non-compliance in hospitality industry in relation to quality assurance? List at least 3.
  3. How does participating in industry schemes and registering with industry associations or bodies benefit an organisation? List at least 3.
  4. Write at least 3 roles and responsibilities of a staff member when their organisation is participating in an industry scheme?
  5. Describe ‘Codes of conduct or ethics’. Also, who is responsible for enforcing them? Write between 30-50 words.
  6. Explain how the hospitality industry impacts on our economic and social environment. Write between 40-100 words.
  7. How can a hospitality establishment reduce the impact of the delivery of their products and services on the community and local residents? Give two examples. Write between 30-80 words.
  8. List 2 characteristics and 2 functions of the following allied and related industries:
Industries Characteristics Functions

  1. What are the interrelationships between the hospitality, entertainment and tourism sectors? Write between 50-100 words. 
  1. Describe the primary functions of major cross-industry and sector-specific industry associations? Write between 50-80 words.
  2. What is the principal role of trade union? Write between 30-60 words.
  3. Explain the role of ‘Modern Awards’ and list four examples of elements specified in them. Write between 50-80 words.
  4. There is a growing trend in hospitality businesses towards sourcing local products and services. How can a business modify the products and services it provides to support this trend? Write between 50-100 words.
  5. List at least 5 career development opportunities that may exists in the hospitality industry?

  1. Complete the table by briefly describing the general responsibilities and two job roles for each section.
Hospitality sector General responsibilities Job roles
Food and beverage    
Food production    

  1. List seven ways in which you can use the knowledge you have gained through research and experience to enhance the quality of your work performance. Write between 50-100 words.
  2. Liquor licensing laws require staff to serve alcohol responsibly. What are two requirements of the legislation that you and the business must adhere to? Write between 20-50 words.
  3. What is the aim of the gaming legislation? Give two examples of topics covered in gaming legislation. Write between 20-50 words.
  4. Food safety laws are designed to increase the food hygiene standards of a business. What must the business do if they prepare or sell food? Write between 20-50 words.
  5. Under EEO and anti-discrimination laws, what is it unlawful for a business to discriminate against? Write between 20-50 words.
  6. Under EEO legislation, what are merit-based employment decisions? Write between 20-50 words. 
  1. What are two ethical issues in the hospitality industry? Name and briefly describe the issues. Write between 20-50 words.
  2. Read each scenario. Are these employees working according to ethical industry practices? Write between 20-50 words for each scenario.
  • A customer asks Keenan if the fish is fresh from the market today. He knows that it has been frozen and was defrosted today but he tells the customer it’s fresh.
  • The policy in Nadia’s restaurant is that everyone pools tips and shares them equally at the end of the week. One evening Nadia went out of her way to help a customer and he handed her $20 and said, ‘Here, this is for you. Thanks for all your help.’ She put $10 in the tip jar.
  1. Having occupational licences is one process that helps a business maintain quality assurance. What are occupational licences and how do they help your business? Write between 50-80 words.

  1. Write the name of two current or emerging technology for each of the followings areas of the hospitality industry:
Areas Name of Current or Emerging Technology
Catering systems
Applications for electronic devices and computers  
Computer-aided despatch systems  
Food production systems  
Industry online booking systems  
Industry reservations, operations and financial and tracking systems  
Project management systems  
Social media sites.  
Applications for electronic devices and computers  

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