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Data visualization using power BI is a method to present data in an interactive and engaging way. It can be used for many purposes such as presenting the data in a more intuitive manner, exploring the data, and understanding trends and relationships between different fields of information. Data visualization using Power BI is one of the best ways to present business intelligence (BI) reports and dashboards.  Data visualization using SAP lumira is a powerful tool that allows the creation of interactive visualizations of data. This provides the ability to see how different variables interact with each other and also allows us to drill down into individual values. Data visualization using SAP Lumira can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating dashboards or reports. It can use to analyze their business processes, identify trends in their data and make better decisions based on this information.

SAP Lumira is the best tool for data visualization. It has many features of data analysis and visual presentation. You can easily create beautiful charts, graphs, maps, and dashboards with this software. With SAP Lumira they can perform all their business activities in a better way by creating interactive reports and presentations.  Data visualization using power BI is a way to present data in a visual manner. It allows to the creation of charts, maps, and dashboards that can be shared with other people within the organization or externally as well. Data visualization using power BI is also referred to as “BI” (Business Intelligence) which means it helps to manage, analyze and visualize business information.


SAP Lumira is a data visualization tool that can be used to create dashboards, reports, and scorecards. As per the view of Halim, et al, (2022), it has the ability to visualize data from any source (including SAP HANA) in a variety of ways including maps, charts, tables, histograms, and spider diagrams. The visualizations created with SAP Lumira are driven by user-defined rules. These rules define how the visualization will look based on different criteria such as business objects or dimensions. As per the view of Wang, et al, (2018), this is a very simple question, but it can be easily answered. Lumira has a built in data visualization tool that allows to create visualizations and dashboards that are easy to use and understand. It also comes with the ability to integrate with other tools like Tableau or Qlikview. This makes it possible for users to create interactive dashboards and static reports without learning any new skills.

SAP Lumira is a data visualization tool developed by SAP AG. It allows users to create interactive reports and dashboards that are easy to use and can be shared with others. As per the view of Suprata, etr al, (2019), the software is used for creating visualizations, which highlight the most important information from large amounts of data. Users can add images, charts and other visuals to their reports to help them understand the data better.  Data visualization is a process of creating visual representations of data. Data visualization can be done using traditional charts and graphs, but it can also be done using the power BI reports. The power BI reports are created by connecting to the data source from which want to create theirr report. It will then have access to all the data that has been stored in that particular database or table.

The power BI is a business intelligence (BI) platform developed by Microsoft. It provides different functionalities like data visualization, reporting, and dashboards for the users of the BI platform. In this article we will discuss about how to do data visualization using power BI. As per the view of Manojpraphakar, et al, (2019), data visualization is one of the most important aspects in any type of analysis or report generation process because it helps to understand the data more easily and quickly as compared to other types of reports that are generated from various tools such as excel, word, as well. The main purpose behind creating visualizations is to provide an insight into the dataset so it can make better decisions based on the analysis results. Data visualization is the process of visually representing data in a way that can be understood by people. It is an important part of any report or dashboard, and it helps to make the reports more readable and understandable. As per the view of  Fuertes, et al, (2019), data visualization using Power BI enables to create interactive dashboards that are easy for users to understand and use. They can also add interactivity with animations, charts, maps, gauges, tables and other visualizations in their reports.

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Sap Lumira is a data visualization tool for the enterprise. As per the view of Mahalle, et al, (2022), it allows to create interactive dashboards and reports that are easy to read, share, and use in the organization. The software also allows to analyze large amounts of data quickly and easily. The researcher have to use the given data set for the data visualization for this project.

The researcher choose the data from the given data set and as per the data set the researcher visualize the data. The outcomes of the data visualization are given below.

Analytics solution 2

Data visualization is a method of presenting data in such a way that it can be easily understood by the audience. It is used to present information in an effective manner, which makes it easier for people to understand and use. As per the view of Becker et al, (2019), data visualization helps to make the point clear and easy for others to understand. Data visualization is a tool that helps in understanding the data. It helps to understand the data and also present it in an easily understood manner. Data visualization can be done by using different tools such as graphs, charts, maps as well.

The researcher collect the data set based on the topic and as per the requirements for the visualization they choose two data from the given data set. For the first one they choose age band and income for the visualization. The outcomes of the visualization are given below.

For the next one the researcher choose another two data from the given data set, such as channel and gender. Depends on the data set the visualization process are done, and after that the outcomes are shown below.

The next outcomes are depends on the variable of monthly income and product type. As per the view of De Guzman, et al, (2022), this type of visualization process are done using power BI. For this the researcher have to choose two variable, one of them are monthly income and the another one known as product type.

For the below visualization the researcher used two variables, such as, one of them is income and the other one is monthly income.

Visualization are done over the data set collected from the given data set, such as for the outcomes the researcher choose recommendation score and ID. The graphical representation shows the variation of the chosen variable.

Depends on the variable of confidence rating and ID, the following visualization are done. For the visualization the researcher used the given data set, and this process done by using the power BI software.


The best price for sap lumira, is the other cases of the disease are not to be overlooked. In this way, they should be made to understand that the matter is a great one and that it must be treated by all states. The inflammatory or general condition of this buy cheap generic sap lumira online UK is far affected by it. It may occur in any of the following forms: 1st, as the same head, either in its own blood-letting or in some good meal that has been injured during its water. Data visualization is the process of converting data into a visual representation that can be understood by the human eye. With power BI, they can create interactive reports and dashboards to help their business make better decisions. Power BI has been designed to give businesses an easy way to visualize their data in a meaningful way.

It gives users the ability to quickly build interactive reports and dashboards with just a few clicks of the mouse or touch of a finger on their phone. Data visualization using sap lumira is the process of visualizing, organizing and presenting data in a way that can be understood by others. Data visualization is used to make sense of large amounts of information. It helps to understand what their data means and how it relates to other data sets. Sap Lumira allows users to visualize the data in a variety of ways including charts, maps, timelines, dashboards and reports. Sap Lumira is a data visualization tool that allows you to create interactive reports and dashboards. It can be used in conjunction with the SAP Business Suite, which makes it easy for the user to create dynamic reports and dashboards.

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