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Self-reflection about Changing organizational behaviour




Social Media plan Part 1


Overview of brand       

The company Youth Heaven introduces a very good Project for helping the poor youth. The projects are named HEART program and Project safe horizon. The company is allied with Simcoe country for ending homelessness. The brand focuses over the support of youth who are experiencing homelessness. This further provides them the safe shelter, atmosphere of respect, dignity and services or program. These are some of the basic things about the brand. But taking it further the brand is concentrated towards helping the others and better for being a place free of poor people. The brand also gives the desired interests to the people and work according to their needs and demands of the following work. The brand provides shelter, programs, care packages and food for an approximate idea of 400+ youth every year they continue perusing the work. The brand provides services which are case management, referral services, emergency care housing, continuous care, life skills, counselling, health care clients, outreach services, transitional housing and housing programs. These are some of the major services which are provided by the company for the reduction of poverty and better and bright future of the youth (Patton, et al., 2016).

SWOT analysis


Strength Weakness Opportunity Threads
Shaping future of poor youth. They cannot provide shelters to more poor youth. Giving them chances for better life. Lack of financial resources.
Giving opportunities for Youth. They cannot afford or expenses. Giving knowledge about their culture. Lack in handling students and providing them guidance.
Doing work which is very good and interested for youth to become successful. Their handling capabilities are low and they cannot attend every youth they wanted. Supporting their beliefs. Sometimes some people find their motivation poor.


Content analysis

The main motive based over the content which can be classified is related to a plan or a home where there is no unhappiness. This is the main concept of the content. It I for people who lost their love once or even they didn’t have the opportunities to bind up their families for better future together. It I basically the identified working conditions based over the selective contributions towards their future and their development. Based over the factors or the problems which the company faces or identifyees inside a youth they peruse proper treatment and analyzation of how they will be given treatments of better future and understanding circumstances (Hetrick, et al., 2017).

They shape the future off the selective people based over how they will be given choices of change. They make the understanding of the youth that how they need to behave. They understand the selective circumstance of the work and there identified conditions of believes. The main content which is focused over the selective organization Youth heaven is focusing on how the working might be done and how will these things impact the youth for making them feel better for judging them for good reach.

Target market

The target audience which is based over the company youth heaven is based over two criteria Secondary and primary. The secondary targeted audience can be identified as beneficiaries. These beneficiaries provide resources, financial helps to the company, money, monetary incomes to the organization and many more helps in the forms of better structures. These are the main functioning of the secondary audience who do peruse the organization into the better working and more reach of their targeted working conditions (Salam, et al., 2016).

The basics of targeted audience over primary audience include potential doners. These doners further introduces the work according to the needs and demands of the working over organization. These doners puts a lot of financial helps to the institute over the working conditions of the selective measures. This is the proper functioning of the targeted audience. The audience work according to how they will work according to the demands and needs off the organization. This is the basic of the week 6 social media plan. These are the workings which are included in the selective criteria of the work. This is the basics of the work according to the selective structures of the work.




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