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Sales Pitch Assignment

Value Proposition please write here your value proposition statement, in other words, how will you show a clear solution to a specific challenge/goal?

1.      As we know a lot more competition has arisen in today’s market. Everyone has their policies to gain customers’ trust or to attract them. Based on our management I can ensure that whatever a customer demands related to the comfortability of the customers we can provide it. Our policies provide customers with the best services at cheap prices. we don’t fake our promises of good services to attract customers. we can ensure the trust you do in our policies. We include dinner if you are staying more than 2 days in our hotel, ensuring good cleanups of the room free of cost, 24-hour free quarry solutions, free Wi-Fi, and many more services that can help you choose us.

Credibility What examples did you use to show that showed you were an expert on the topic?

2.      We are offering our services for a long time like 5 years. We are been chosen above from most of the competition in the market. We have a well-known reputation based on the work we provided earlier. We have a rating of 4.5+ on the online booking website. We take full responsibility for things if you left them in the room and checked out from the hotel. The main reason behind our trust is we never trespassed on any of our policies. Based on the previous record we maintain dignity for the customers. and we are liable to respond to any miss happening happened due to us. We consider the security and safety first of the costumes we have.

Confidence & Engagement How will you present with confidence and clarity?  How do you engage the audience?

3.      Everyone has a different standard of living in today’s world. People wake up with different plans where they archive what they want. The same has every business, every business has a different policy, different culture, and different behaviors towards customers. we believe every customer is important premium or not. We attend to every customer for whatever their quarry is we can resolve it as soon as possible. Another way we are very confident based on our explanation of new policies like we have cheap rates rooms, based on long term stay we have good plans overall aspect is we can clearly explain through advertisement or in-person explanation of our policies so we can confidently reach every kind of client we face.

The “Close” – What is your next step and how do you close the pitch?

4.      As we are reaching a step ahead every time we aim for a goal. At our next meeting, we will reach you with better quality of our rooms, we will become stronger based on security and we will fulfill every need which is our liability to our customers. we promise you our best services with all the discounts we can give. We will try to reduce the cost of the services we are providing. New targets will be declared based on our work. We promise you all new issues which were created will be resolved with the fixed solutions. No miss happening based on the place or some issues like fire safety will be seen forward. New alarm systems will be introduced so that if you find any hazard or any place where there is risk based on the place. You can use the alarm so everyone will be alert. No one will be harmed. We will use an automatic fire deduction system to increase the chances of no miss happening will occur.

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