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Safety Checks Log

Name of Childcare Service/Centre:       sparking care center
Address of the Service/Centre:       124, valley street, Victoria

Date safety checks was last done:
Safety checks done by:   manager of the centre James brown Signature:       James brown
Premises/sections/rooms checked: List all the premises/sections/rooms that were checked.

centre room, kitchen, halls, playing gardens, toys and safety equipment’s

General Remarks and Results of the Safety Checks
There are some things which want replacement and something needs repurchasing and other thing are in good condition which is functioning.
Areas of Concern Actions Taken Date Actions are Done
     emergency tools Repurchasing or repairing
      dirtness Cleanness should be there
     well maintain furniture Repairing are should be done

*Add rows as necessary

Date for the next safety check:
I confirm that _________james brown  __________ have consulted me about the safety checks implemented in ___sparking care center_________________________.

Full name of candidate Name of centre/service

I further confirm that I am the:

☐person/staff in-charge of doing the safety checks in _______sparking care centre___________________

Name of centre/service

☐supervisor during his/her vocational work placement of _______james brown _______________ in __________educator________________.

Full name of candidate Name of centre/service
Signature: __james brown__________________________ Date: _____________21/08/2022_______________
Name: ________james brown ____________________ Contact details: ____67556939765________________________

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