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HR Manager: Good morning to all of you welcome here as some changes will take place in future but there is also the RPA System which is also going to introduce in the coming time not sure about this change. So, I am here with you all to demonstrate this RPA system and tell you something about this

Finance Manager: yes, tell us briefly about the RPA system What is it and why do we need this System?

HR Manager: As you all know that we have a shortage of human resources and the RPA system is nothing but a robot that will work on the software like printing invoices for the order that we received efficiently. And there will be less burden on finance management.

Finance Manager:  what happens if the RPA system will not work accurately printing of invoices may delay and there will be issues in handling the robots and an additional IT team will be needed for their look after and this lead to financing overload on budget.

HR Manager:  I am concerned about your issues but RPA will not be fully automatic it will be handled by employees so there are no errors and continuously monitoring can be done on the RPA System. And your concern and feedback are also important for I will note this and ask the CEO and directors for the solution. Is any other quarry related to this RPA system?

Payroll Administrator: yes, there will be extra payroll for technical staff which should we maintain extra.

HR Manager:  ok I will be concerned about both of your issues and don’t worry this change is under process and not completely approved by others.

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