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Role play

Assessment 2: Part C: Role play

Manager: HI

Owner: HI

Manager: Good Morning sir, I want to discuss about some 5 menus in this meeting.

Owner: Yes sure, begins with meeting

Manager: As we are updated and draft a new menus based on the service periods. The different five menus types are there and they are fitted with cuisine type i.e. A la Carte is match with fusion Asian and provide a food such as sea food dishes or poultry dishes and so on.

Owner: Okay but what about the costing of each recipe and sales price

Manager: All dishes are provide in reasonable cost as per customer i.e. it having a great and wider choice regarding their prices. Customer could select their dishes as per their needs and wants.

Owner: Great, this draft was extremely nice regarding variety and creativity of food and dishes. The best thing is that it is cost effectiveness where every customer can satisfy and enjoy their dishes. The best suitability of customer profile includes price, food and variety. Therefore, all these characteristics are included in this new drafted.

Manager: So, I would like to request that kindly provide me an approval for updating a new draft in our company

Owner: Yes, approval is granted.

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