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Risk Assessment Template

Name of Childcare Service/Centre: Sparking Care Centre
Identify the activity/excursion/outing: Walking to the local museum
Location: 122, cannot valley street.
Who may be at risk? Children, supervisors, educators.
Identify hazards, risk and rate the risks:

1.     Divide the activity into tasks

2.     Identify the hazards and associated risks for each task

3.     Determine a risk rating using the Risk Rating Matrix below

4.    Detail the control measures you will implement to eliminate or minimise risk


Likelihood Almost certain Is expected to occur in most circumstances
Likely Will probably occur in most circumstances
Possible Could occur at some time
Unlikely Not likely to occur in normal circumstances
Rare May occur only in exceptional circumstances





Insignificant Injuries not requiring first aid
Minor First aid required
Moderate Medical treatment required
Major Hospital admission required
Severe Death or permanent disability



Impact (Consequence)
Likelihood Insignificant Minor Moderate Major Severe
Almost Certain Medium High High Very High Very High
Likely Medium Medium High High Very High
Possible Low Medium High High Very High
Unlikely Low Low Medium Medium High
Rare Low Low Medium Medium Medium


Tasks Hazards Risks Risk Rating Control Measures
Likelihood Impact Risk Rating

Pucker children in the service lobby


Power points in lobby


Electrical shock from power points











Safety masses in each power point – regulation of children


Gait children to the ordinary adventure


Obverse door maiden into lobby


Children being hurt by opening door





Minor/ moderate


Low/ medium

Collect children away from door area – manage children
3 Road cross  roads Crossing  

 Youngster or adult knockout     by a car or bikers


 Moderate/ major



Correct child-staff rations for the action – active management while crossing the roads


Use ordinary crossing

*Add rows as necessary

Who conducted the Risk Assessment? Who approved the Risk Assessment?
Completed by:  lilly brown Approved by: Charles brown
Designation/Position: manager Designation/Position: gen. manager
Signature:c lilly brown Signature: Charles brown
Date: 5/07/22 Date: 8/7/2022

*Do not proceed with activity/excursion/outing unless the results of the Risk Assessment determine the level of risk is minimal, and/or there are adequate control measures in place

Supervisor Declaration

I confirm that ___________lilly brown _________________ have undertaken a risk assessment for the activity/excursion/outing including
Full name of student
implications for supervision in __________sparking care centre______________________. I further confirm that I am the supervisor of
                                                                               Name of centre/service
____________________________lilly brown ________________ in _____sparking care center_________________________.
Full name of student Name of centre/service
Signature: ____________lilly brown ________________ Date: __5/07/2022__________________________
Name: _________lilly brown ___________________ Contact details: _______5838433455_____________________


Supervisor Comments (optional feedback to student):every measures is  very important to save the children.

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