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RIICWD507D Prepare Detailed Geotechnical Design

Assessment 1: Knowledge test

Answer 1

When we see the information regarding the investigation of the Ground Investigation Report it is used by the particular product and the product material. It works for the product services and the sustainability of the project. It is included with the specific work design and product safety. This work report included specific references and includes the Ground Investigation Report. It is used for the product and its design

Answer 2

Geotechnical engineering is a particular kind of study, it behaves with the soil under the work influence and the lode of the forces and the water of soil. It helps to influence the loading forces and the water of soil. It helps to do the soil and the water interaction. It is a kind of work management and the working knowledge regarding the foundation work and the foundation program. It works with the retaining of the walls, earth dams, and the lines of the clay (Yeh, et al., 2021).

Answer 3

It is the particular kind of inspection working mode. It is used to do the exploration of the subsurface of the exploration site and, geophysical method. It includes the different kinds of soil slamming and the worker’s movements. It includes the laboratory test and works for the soil sample retrieved.

Answer 4

The most common industry equipment is measuring general ground movement, Measure displacement, strain, and load, Ground Monitors, and Measuring convergence and compression. Instrumented Cable Bolts, Extensometers, Displacement. It is included with the permeable work and the textile it is used to do the management and consumption of the soil, rock, earth, and the foundation. It is the Standard Test Method for the Standard Penetration Test (Zhang, et al., 2021).

 Answer 5

Two methods of ground improvement-

  1. Pre- compression – is the kind of method in which the ground manager dedicated the specific kind of work and the work area for the preloading and surcharging. It is a construction program covered with a surcharge. Just before the construction work.
  2. Sand drains – it is a sand column constructed plans to enhance the property. It is mostly used for stiffening foundations soils.

Answer 6

Mir, PLAXIS, and FLAC these kinds of software are developed with the specific knowledge of established the obtained work of geotechnical work, it includes with the engineering solutions. PLAXIS is the finite work and the element-based work to do the updating solution of the window and find the easy and effective work mode. As we know there the various and different kinds of geotechnical engineering work like clay mineral, rainfall, suction, and many more (Yeh, et al., 2021).

Answer 7

As we know that the pressure of the ground bearing and the soil capacity of the ground bearing, it is very important because whenever you put the lode raging the ground because it is the particular kind of load placed on the ground and the ground management, it is work regarding building the work foundation. It also provides the responsibility regarding the retaining wall (Bovolenta & Bianchi, 2020).

Answer 8

As we know that the diversity of the work and the management gives the different and the convenient kind of work obtaining program and the mass of the body. It is all covered by the volume of the work and vice versa. It is known as the mass equality of the different kinds of volume and the density and the diversity & while the volume is equal to the mass they had the deviation from the density (Bovolenta & Bianchi, 2020).

 Answer 9

The validation process is known as the checking method it works for the customer specification and the needs of the customers. While they are doing the verification for the process and work for the checklist adjectives so they are able to see the software meets with the work planning and the work specification. It is able to capture the needs of customers.

Answer 10

Geotechnical engineering is a study regarding the behavior of the soil and the analysis of their influence and their loading forces when the soil does the interaction with the water. It is the basic geotechnical engineering knowledge applied to the design of retaining walls and the design of foundations. It includes the various kind of stages and structures of the designs regarding the construction concept (Arpajirakul, et al., 2021).

Answer 11

A soil testing report is helpful to do the determination of the fertility in the soil, and they are able to work for the growth and the potential work for the soil it gives the indication of the nutrients and deficiencies, and the potential toxicities regarding the fertility of the soil and retain the non – essential soil minerals and their roots and their related functions of it (Arpajirakul, et al., 2021).

Answer 12

There are the various kind of steps needed to process the Geotechnical Report –

  1. Topographic site planning.
  2. Location and map.
  3. Geological mapping system and addressing management system.
  4. Site condition and site photographs.
  5. Cross and the typical selection of the place and make the alignment about it.
  6. Do the recommendation of the design and its details.

Answer 13

Explained them

  1. Cultural & Heritage Management – It is the management regarding the strike and the particular balance between the tourism industries, it is the generation of various kinds of work and conservations.
  2. Environmental Management – It is a set of practices it is working with the enable in the organization that impacts the environmental effects and increment in effectiveness.
  3. Geotechnical Management – It is helpful to enable the environmental impacts and increases the efficiency of the management system.
  4. Quality Management – It is for the quality analysis of the program and the material.
  5. Hydrological & Meteorological Management – Is the mitigation of water hazards and food material.

Answer 14

It is working with the project activity and it is working to complete all kinds the phases of the formal project close, it is known as the formal project which transfers all kinds of complete and canceled projects as per the appropriate meaning.

Answer 15

It is included the average amount of resources, it is needed to work with the installation of the particular work and the particular unit. It is the multiple kinds of quality rates by the management and the measurement. It is include and works with the basic estimation of the work management and the work value regarding the project and its resources (Samtani & Kulicki, 2022).

 Answer 16

It is the related status including the rules and the regulation of the particular place, it is working to adhere to the subtitle rules and the regulations of the work. It works for the Compliances and rules regulations. It works for the legal work and the legal situations.

It works with the particular company rules, regulations, and compliances, it is work with the legal framework and management of the organization to deal with the particular wok and the particular situation.

It includes the introduction of the statutory.

Wages of payment

Act of minimum wages.

And bonus payment act.

Answer 17

It is included with the –

Design and the construction of the work process are done the embankment of the pond ash and flood zone work.

It is the work and the utilization process of fly ash and copper slag and the rods. It is the multiple kinds of quality rates by the management and the measurement.

It is include and works with the basic estimation of the work management and the work value regarding the project and its structure (Samtani & Kulicki, 2022).

Answer 18

They did the inclusive work management and the investigation of the work subsurface and the quality of the soil/rock/ and condition of the water. It is known as the soil structure and the interaction between the work management and the condition regarding the structure and the work material. It gives the design regarding the structure and the work material. It recovers the work management and the sustainability and stability of the soil.

Answer 19

It is known as the scientific work management and the work plan regarding the technique and the work determination of the management and the position. It is helpful to collect the point and survey the work between the work and the situation, it is the making map of the work program, and do the work management of the civil engineering successfully.

Answer 20

It is known as the geotechnical work and the engineering process, it is involving around the study of soil and its behavior of soil. They behave that they are doing the examination of the soil interaction with the design, foundation, and building. It is the kind of information provided by the work management and the workshop manual (Calitz, 2022).

Answer 21

It takes two months and two weeks to procedure or longer with it. In this, they had a different kind of work management and the work factors that affect the time and the work quality and quality management. The report covers the needs and the application submitted.

Assessment 2: Project

Task 1: Plan for the detailed design for geotechnical work

Minutes of Meeting – 45 minutes

Meeting Objective:  Objective of this meeting is discussing the idea and make plan for geo technical project include the soil test, rock, subsurface exploration work and site inspection, structure foundation and all geo technical work.

Attendees: Architecture, client, geotechnical engineer, manager, workers

Venue: Australia

Date: 5-08-2022

No. Points Discussed Actions Suggested Target Date
1. Sub surface exploration in subsurface test plan for soil test, investigate the site, water condition soil condition by geo technical engineer before start construction.


2. Structure foundation Before start construction check properties of soil and earth material for make foundation of structure so discuss according to client requirement (Lazarte, et al., 2015). 20-08 2022
3. Soil test, rock test, water flow condition and risk assessment Discuss about soil density, and soil condition and plan for lab test and identify soil bearing capacity and all equipment that require in construction work and how to operate, check risk flood area or environment analysis before construction. 25-08 -2022
Signature of attendee1: architecture                           Signature of attendee2: client

Signature of attendee 3: stakeholders               Signature of attendee4: geo technical Eng.

1.2: All the information and document that project owner provide after analyses require site inspection for construction work and client gives budget information and geo technical work for site and map is provide construction. geo technical work is identified earth material, soil properties and risk before start any construction. ( Ameratunga, et al., 2016)

1.3: According to Australian rules and standard geo technical engineer require bachelor degree for overall geo technical work. Check wind condition, soil density and soil test, rock test, risk analysis and many industries provide this service include local geo technical, com industries it provides knowledge about soil geo technical investigation, geo technical classification, rock quality define. shallow footing, deep foundation and pile design, bearing capacity and settlement soil calculation and earth and compaction process, earth quake classification all work provide by this industry. . (Lazarte, et al., 2015)

1.4: If construction of building or dam construction start first of all planning is require in term of geo technical work planning known as report, geotechnical report provide geo technical engineer in which all detail about client requirement, budget and knowledge about site mention in report and report is made by technical engineer. geo technical engineer plan according to building construction which type of soil require according to environment and risk analyses or identify soil property and rock and wind test of make stable and long time building and big dam, roads. and foundation structure according to load take capacity (Ameratunga, et al., 2016).

1.5: Constraint in geo technical work is flood hazard, high and weak rock layer, instability of slope, soil erosion and water and wind condition and risk are unforeseen ground movement, and heavy rain start is the create problem in all geotechnical construction work.

Task 2: Undertake the detailed design of geotechnical work

2.1: Geo technical engineer make geo technical report it is a tool to communicate about site inspection geo technical engineer make report after detailed analysis site condition include subsurface exploration in which engineer test soil properties and which foundation require shallow or deep foundation this report provide safety of planned structure and stability because work is done in planned way properly done soil test and foundation according to requirement for develop best infrastructure (Anbazhagan, et al., 2017).

2.2: Geo technical engineer share design in front of manager for  share agenda of whole work we construct multistory building first of all meet with architecture and share budget and detailed client document then  geo technical engineer analyses soil density and soil condition and asses risk wind rock ,water condition an construction area after all geo technical work mention detail in geo technical report .positive and negative factor mention in report and after this report employee start foundation structure deep foundation is use because building is multistory so  maintain high load so stability of building require deep foundation  if foundation is strong it mean building is safe and stable, and geo technical engineer give straining for all employee and inspects it time to time for best and stable construction (Wood, 2017).

2.3: In geo technical design according to task one soil test, foundation structure for building, site inspection, subsurface exploration is done by geo technical engineer and prepare budget and sustainable development for building and make stable building (Wood, 2017).

2.4: In grow technical work include cost of geo technical engineer, architecture cost, material cost, and labor cost, land cost and operation and management cost also include after all expenses and normal building cost is Australia is $310,800 per square metered and soil test rate is$260 to 350$ in Australia de [pend and material used in building.

2.5: Geo technical report is a tool that is used to communicate overall site investigation it is made by geo technical engineer all document after proper inspection mention in this report, soil properties, foundation, budget and risk is mention in this report for make stable building and overall construction is based on this report so made by authentic data. In geo technical report mention project information and subsurface condition include site geology, seismic condition earth quake history, liquification, corrosion detail and design earth work, foundation structure, floor slab, compaction method, shallow or deep foundation construction detail equipment all resource is mention in report by geo technical engineer and make stable construction ( Anbazhagan, et al., 2017).

Task 3: Finalize design processes of geotechnical works

3.1: Geo technical engineer – good morning,

Stakeholders – good morning sir

Geo technical engineer – I made geo technical work report for project and invited you to share all detail that mention in report according to requirement of client.

Manger – did you inspected properly this location.

Geo technical engineer – yes sir I inspected properly and identify required foundation and risk and soil properties,

Stakeholders – okay sir after analyses this report only material that use in building required best no need to change and employee training is also require before construction started.

Manager –  ok this is perfect ,thanks

Stakeholders- thanks sir

3.2: After review client and feedback that give manger and stakeholder in this report require to check soil density and employee training or material and resource is perfect so improve some budget and hire as killed assistant of geo technical anginiform training and inspect work area and change in project report base of stakeholder’s feedback (Fenton, et al., 2015).

3.3: Geo technical work is par of civil and construction work so many equipment is used in constructions test sample and machines, material storage so separate building is requiring near site for fate of equipment and material and cement, brick and soil clay is require special care and leak proof apartment or equipment is placed in safe area for long term use. Employee is diversifying for safety of storage.

3.4: All work is done under manger, geo technical engineer or architecture so responsible of all work client of project require the stable project if any damage occur in project so geo technical engineer is responsible for all construction and change according to client requirement. If client have any issue meet the manager for resolving issue and manger share all problem with geo technical engineer for resolve issue and do necessary change in project and made perfect project and stable building (Miranda, et al., 2021).

3.5: Close out system is final process of construction department in which manger  verifies the final project and verified the project is made according to client need and fulfill all requirement that client share in document and after completing soil test work, and subsurface exploration and site inspection this project is made and foundation is proper that take load in earth quake condition and client is satisfied to your project is final closure step go geo technical work finalize all project activities in phase and transfer the complete project to client (Fenton, et al., 2015).

Task 4: Support and review the application of the design of geotechnical works

4.1: In this project perform soil test and check density of soil ,proactor test, and check physical properties of soil  and apply  foundation two type of foundation first is deep foundation deep foundation is used where there require high load taking capacity so this foundation is best for construction and because it is deep and multi-layer foundation and dry density and moisture content in soil  and geo technical engineer take meeting with workers and assistant geo technical engineer for guidance skilled engineer work well in machines and  check soil and water compaction and follow all guided geo technical report and work is done according to sustainability. All risk is identified to reduce loss and risk solutions and described for labor and find water condition, geology condition, wind condition on site inspect location of construction properly before start work. work is done for report .investigate soil, rock ,water, and subsurface exploration, identify soil ,density ,moisture ,clay in soil and attempt lab test before construction and check all physical properties of soil and design the project for building apply deep foundation for stabilities and material is used best all geo technical work implement on project and finally client is satisfy this project and celebrate this opportunities (Gong, et al., 2015).

4.2: Experience is requiring for solve geotechnical design problem included high load problem, soil water interaction problem loose soil require settlement for foundation work check soil sample. Check moisture in soil and density of soil for better work and provide solution about flood, earth quake safety, fire hazards, and heavy rain Apply theoretical model for solve problem and experimental model also perform in site. And geotechnical engineer uses authentic data in this report (Basu et al., 2015).

4.3: All work completed according to geo technical standard on site and investigate surface and subsurface exploration by geo technical engineer. and assistant geo technical engineer inspect time to time and give training and employee is skilled so perform well and all material is use perfect and make stable product and geo technical engineer confirmed all work is done according to compliance and client-based data and geo technical engineer and manger follow all rules and regulation in construction work (Gong, et al., 2015).

4.4: Necessary step to validation design of project

This work is fully based on geo technical work  and geo technical  geo technical engineer infect site and detail mention in report according to guideline of this report architecture perform construction work geo technical engineer perform ,check properties of soil ,density ,moisture ,soil settle condition and rock test heavy rock , structure foundation for load capacity, wind test  and compaction method apply , all surface and subsurface and site condition mention in this report for stable system and all work is done under manger or geo technical engineer Check ground improvement technique, landslide correction, material site, centerline cut and embankment. Validation is an accuracy that model represent it means all rule is follow to made this project and customer is satisfied for this project (Gong, et al., 2015). So, client is satisfying for this work


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