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SITXGLC001 Research and Comply with Regulatory Requirements

Job description

Manager – Eventually, the managers of hospitality run the daily operations of the hotel or restaurant, making sure that all facilities are accurately maintained and regulated, taking relevant steps to make sure satisfaction of the customer and overlooking the upkeep of financial and administrative records.

Chef – They design or make menus that improve the cooking experience of customers while maintaining good quality. They submit proposals of cost for items on the menu. They also test and create innovative menus. They also give feedback on the quality of food of huge majority purchases.

Policies and procedures

  1. Reporting of accidents and incidents – It includes the following:
  2. a) Take the actions needed for dealing with instant risk.
  3. b) Contact the supervisor and give them information about the matter (Grützner & Jakob, 2014).
  4. Workplace safety consultation including representatives of safety and health – It includes the following:
  5. a) Inform the senior management of probable safety risks
  6. b) Maintain accountability for the safety and health policy of the organization
  7. c) Protection of data and confidentiality
  8. Food safety – It includes the following points:
  9. a) Keep food items at a secure temperature
  10. b) Always store raw items of food on cooked dishes
  11. c) Store dishes in covered and suitable containers
  12. d) Observe and check the expiry dates on products of food (Grützner & Jakob, 2014).
  13. Consumption of alcohol – It includes the following points:
  14. a) Individuals below 18 years must not consume alcohol for reducing the risk of harm and injury to the growing brain.
  15. b) The women who are breastfeeding and pregnant must not consume alcohol for preventing harm and injury to their child (Schön, 2017).
  16. Refunds and exchanges – In this policy eventually, the sore does not accurately have the replacement or refund if the consumer simply alters their preference about the product. As per the ACL, the consumer is only enabled to the replacement or refund for the great issue with the product disclosed by guarantees of the consumer.
  17. Copyright – No system of registration is there for copyright under the law of Australia. Definite forms of various expressions like music, images and texts are covered automatically by copyright as per the act of copyright (Schön, 2017).
  18. References

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Schön, D. A. (2017). The reflective practitioner: How professionals think in action. Routledge.

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