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Incite College has been mainly operating for around five years. The college is mainly based in the CBD of Melbourne and provides a range of all courses in human resources, international business, marketing and management in present has mainly around 500 students particularly enrolled on its entire courses. A present survey is mainly showing that the members of staff recognize with a feeling increasingly very stressed by travelling in peak hour of the traffic and also not being very capable of finding the car parking once reached to work. The Safety and Health Officer has suggested that instant action should be there (Snell & Morris, 2018).

Summary of the current working from home trends and strategies

The current strategies and trends of working from home are given below:

  1. More effective digital itinerants
  2. Fewer expenditures, further savings
  3. Greater actualization of workplace
  4. Re-assessing benefits to employees
  5. Focus on wellness and health at home
  6. Enhanced working environment at home
  7. Opportunities for remote networking
  8. Better and effective opportunities
  9. Better sustainability practices

Outline the workplace health and safety requirements

Before the employee could commence working from their home, the manager should assess the risk. This is mainly for making sure that they are meeting entire requirements of safety and health. This is very effective as it helps with mainly keeping all remote employees safe and it also controls and prevents potential hazards to the employees. The employer has the lawful requirement for assessing probable risks to their working environment before the job commences and also recording all important findings (Snell & Morris, 2018).

The manager should:

  1. Conduct an assessment of risk at the beginning of the contract or employment.
  2. Give sufficient supervision, training, instruction and information on matters of safety and health.
  3. Include homeworkers when mainly considering probable risks and also discuss how effectively to manage them.
  4. Take some accurate steps for removing risks or hazards all around the residence wherever needed or possible.

Technological requirements

The technological requirements that are required for staff to work at home are given below:

  1. A reliable and fast connection to the internet
  2. A computer system
  3. Smartphone
  4. Scanner or printer
  5. Earbuds or headset
  6. Web cam (Ohnos, 2021).

Potential benefits and downfalls

The benefits of giving technology to staff members for the objective of working at home are given below:

  1. Effective balance in work-life
  2. Increased productivity
  3. Reduced employee turnover and decreased absenteeism
  4. Savings in cost
  5. More flexibility
  6. Incentives for improving the technology of the workplace (Ohnos, 2021).

Downfalls of giving technology to staff members for the objective of working at home are given below:

  1. Disconnection from the workplace
  2. Risk to business productivity
  3. High costs and expenditures
  4. Increased issues in technology
  5. Collaborating and communicating with members of a team becomes difficult (Hauser & Featherman, 2013).

Outline of the proposed procedure

The proposed procedures for mainly deciding who could work at home are given below:

  1. Purpose and policy brief of the organization
  2. Eligibility and scope
  3. The request procedure
  4. Availability and attendance standards
  5. Measures of productivity
  6. Tech and equipment support
  7. Benefits and compensation

The employees should make a formal request to their employer for obtaining approval for doing work from home (Hauser & Featherman, 2013).

Action plan

Strategy Action Budget Timeframe KPI
Better communication Leaders should effectively communicate all expectations $150 Within a week Better communication between managers and employees
Continuity and productivity Set SMART objectives $100 A week Better productivity
Management of performance Create some attractive situations for the employees $200 A week Better performance

  1. Updated Safety and Health Procedure and Policy
  2. Flexible arrangements of working at home – Incite College is committed to flexible arrangements of work as flexible options will mainly permit all employees for having an effective balance in their work-life. An effective balance in work-life will lead to increase productivity in the performance of employees (Svinicki, 2014).
  3. Benefits and compensation – If the employees do not perform well or do not follow the working guidelines of the organization, then it will mainly impact their compensation and benefits. So, it is mandatory for the employees who do work from home that they accurately follow the entire work from home guidelines of the organization.
  4. Measures of response – It is mentioned in the policy that the employees are mainly expected to particularly respond to their employer immediately in case of any issue or problem. The channels of communication are also streamlined in this section of the policy, mainly encouraging the healthy and effective bonding between supervisors and workers.
  5. Tech and equipment support – Incent College is committed to giving tech and equipment support to all their remote staff members. Incent College provides laptops and computer systems to their employees.
  6. Availability and attendance standards – The employees of Incent College are committed to mainly logging in to their portal at 10:00 am. They have to make attendance in the online sheet and also have to send an email before commencing their work.
  7. The process of request – The employees of Incent College have to make a formal request for taking work from home and wait for approval from their HR manager. Also in the request, they should mention the valid reason for taking work from home (Svinicki, 2014).

  1. Report with additional actions for HR strategic plan


All procedures and policies of flexible arrangements of working have been effectively implemented. Indicators of performance mainly relating to the execution of policies of working from home are accurately indicated in the strategic plan of HR resources. So, in this report, we are going to summarize the implications of arrangements of working from home and also performance significantly against the key objectives of the particular plan (Murphie & Potts, 2017).

Main Body

The rush for providing workers access to entire tools and equipment that they require for working from home was sudden for the managers of Incent College. But after some time, everything was effectively settled. The impacts of the arrangements of working from home are given below:

  1. Better balance in work-life – By working from home arrangements, employees could easily commence and complete their working day as they prefer, if their work is completed on time but they can also take breaks as they want and it also leads to some strong and effective results. This particular control over the schedule of work could be very priceless when it mainly comes to attend the requirement of the personal life of the employees.
  2. Employees can accomplish more work assignments or tasks – Employees can complete various assignments or working tasks by doing work from home, as they are getting some relaxation and also able to take some power naps in between their work. Less pressure is there from the employers and no restrictions are there. There is also no pressure to get ready on time.
  3. Further independence – In the normal environment of the office, employees find themselves switching mainly between various tasks and also get various viewpoints on the priority of tasks. However, during working from home, with accurate discipline and management of time, the employees have further independence concerning their work.
  4. Enhanced communication – Effective and better communication in the organization needs clarity in active listening, work context etc. But during ordinary days at the office employees can effectively communicate with their employers by doing face-to-face official meetings which are sometimes utilised for keeping miscommunication and misunderstanding at bay. But in work from home, employees require going an additional mile when mainly communicating for keeping the team members updated about some hiccups, progress etc. so that mainly the team members could be on a similar path regarding work growth (Murphie & Potts, 2017).

Additional actions

  1. Right and correct technology is essential and required. Incent College should provide some technical assistance or training to their employees so that they can effectively use technology in their work and can be able to increase productivity and improve their level of performance.
  2. There is the requirement for establishing an accurate schedule of work so that employers are aware of the schedules and times in which their staff members are working. Also, staff members are committed to being available mainly on the technology particular during the accepted time of work (Cabral, 2017).
  3. Also, there is the requirement for interior considerations of procedures and policies for addressing problems like when the worker moves mainly into the particular position that is not very appropriate for the program of work from home and then the employee also does not able to meet the requirements of performance while mainly working from home and also the arrangements of working from home required to be effectively retracted (Cabral, 2017).


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