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Reflective Report

As I sit and analyses the political and different factors which affect the American Chinese market, I have come across and research about this and I come to know that America faces many political issues and also faces many problems of racism which impact the culture of the food. As deep research (Kittler, et al.,2016). I come to know that there is a political party that started the concern about the quality of food for which there is political parties made a mandatory guideline also there is no meat Monday in North America which is followed by the Chinese food. I also come across the fact that racism in North America impacts Chinese food which is treated as the food of other race which impact the thinking of all peoples and I got surprised that the particular race is not used to eating Chinese food because the racism factors affect the thinking of the people. I got surprised to see that politics also impact the food varieties of the country and people have this kind of thinking in their mind which quite surprise me. The flavour which is added to the Chinese food is quite good and this is nature of anything which is come to across different culture and different things and this will allow changing in the same ways and this will help in the adding the flavour to its original place and serving place.

As I am concerned and excited about the food and more flavours and more varieties excited me in different ways(Kittler, et al.,2016). I would like to eat both foods because original food has its taste and authentic Chinese food will help in the know the taste of the original food and I also use to eat the North American Chinese food which has some different flavours and this flavour has a unique taste which adds more taste and has a unique taste to the Chinese food. The original food has a taste that is calculated and also tastes will determine the Chinese dish in different ways. The North American flavour of the Food has some add to the taste of authentic Chinese food. As I recommend that North American Chinese food have great taste and I would eat this more than Authentic Chinese Food because of the taste and flavour and also some add which are done by the locals or individuals(Mendelson,2016)to make more specific the Chinese food also more decorated flavour with some sauces.

Also, I come across that there are many guilt’s about the North Chinese food that this is not so healthy and also usual days they use pork and fake eggs and also peoples belief that there is no measures take but in my views that these beliefs are not good because the nutrition and the taste of the North American Chinese food are as usual and food is healthy as there is no health issues are reported in the area of the supply of the Chinese food.


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