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Reflective Practice

 Reflective Practice

The capacity to think back on one’s activities to partake in a method of ongoing learning is known as critical reflection. Researchers can enhance the comprehension of their selves. I also understand their knowledge, skills and competencies, and workplace practices in general through the method of reflexivity.

Based on my opinion, it is different from simply thinking about an experience as it is about developing our capacity for self-awareness and also concentrates on both how they understand and information so we can produce and affects others as well as how we affect someone else in the learning and teaching settings. For example, this example is based on children and reflective teachers i.e. writing a notebook, getting input from coworkers and students, and videotaping a lesson. These techniques can assist a teacher in considering how the lesson went, what worked or didn’t, and what adjustments could be made to boost student achievement.

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