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Quick Guide- How To Write An Essay Introduction

Making a first impression, in the beginning, is everyone’s preference, and writing the best introduction is
important to make your content essay interactive and interesting so people like to read that essay. But it is
just an introductory part it doesn’t contain that much information about the topic. Having the right
knowledge of the essay topic will make the writing very easy, hence if you do not have the right
knowledge about the essay topic it becomes a very tricky process for the students to write the

How to write the essay introduction?
Targeted reader
Before starting the writing the introduction for the essay you have to identify who is going to read that
essay introduction because it is very important to know who is reading the content you write in the essay
and if you have proper knowledge about the reader you will write according to the reader preference and
it makes your introduction very impactful and very familiar to the reader.

Hook statement
Making the essay introduction very interactive helps you to grab attentions of the reader towards the essay
so the readers take interest in reading the whole essay. So it is very important to add a hook statement in
the introduction of the essay.

Use examples
Using retable examples in the essay introduction makes the essay very interactive and attractive. When
we use relatable examples in the introduction of the essay reader can relate to the whole topic very easily.

Surprising fact
When the writer includes surprising content and shocking content in the essay, it leads to an increase in
the interest of the reader. And this makes the reader know more about the essay and the reader reads the
full essay as it contains shocking content.
Offer general and related background

You have to provide a small part of background on the respective topic in the essay introduction. But
ensure that the introduction does not contain the real argument. The introduction starts with some general
Information and then turns into specific information.

Thesis statement

Express the exact opinion of yours towards the context of the essay. Normally this is the last part of the
essay introduction, but it can be placed anywhere else. The thesis is normally inclusive of 3 parts which
include pieces of evidence that make the argument stronger.

How you proceed with the essay
When the statement of thesis is completed briefly explain and elaborate on the argument. Afterward, write
about the base of your essay introduction and the order in which info is presented.

Present that argument is significant and can address the essay questions-
Show the reader the importance of the points that the writer are using in your essay and ensure that your
argument helps in limiting the problems being mentioned in the essay. By this, the writer show your
reader why they should read the essay the writer write.

Complex terms
You have to define the key expressions in the thesis that you are writing in the essay to make it
comprehensible for the readers. By this confusion among the readers can be avoided.
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