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THT3119 Project and Event Management Report

Executive summary

The report is about the event management on International Conference on Chemical and Environmental Sciences that is going to occur in Australia this year. This conference is about gathering of brilliant minds from around the world who have done extraordinary in there field in some way or another the program involves the different activities such as speech from the professional who has achieved something in their respective fields and the exchange of knowledge from each other by the mean of casual conversation is also going to be happened at the place, giving respect to the honorable members preset at the event. The above mentioned is the gist of the report and some of the major parts which have been included in this report is mentioned below. 

key points which are including in the report are as follows: 1 Project scope and requirement, 2 Stakeholder management plan, 3 Marketing, 4 Logistics, 5 Project budget, 6 Work breakdown structure, 7 Gantt chart, 8 Risk management plan, 9 Staging and closing down.


ICCAES stands for an international conference on chemical and environmental science. It is a gathering of brilliant minds from different fields of science who have either achieved something big in the particular field of science or are fascinated by vast areas of science.

The report is based on the successful event management procedure in which different things come under preparation before the event has been discussed to make sure that the event is a great success so different area which holds importance are as follows project scope, stakeholder’s analysis, marketing campaign, logistics, project budget, work breakdown, Gantt chart, risk management plan, lastly staging and close down. These are some main parts of the program which must be executed correctly to lead the event to success.   

It became very important to make sure that the event not just ended well but also that it must be valuable to the attendee who is going to be present over there on the day and to give an experience to them which they will remember. To do so there is a requirement of high-level management to do so the decided things regarding work which has been discussed earlier in the introduction must be planned with the proper understanding of the event that is going to happen.

For a better event, the planning regarding the activities related to the event must be done with the right approach so that it will lead to a successful event of the international conference on chemical and environmental science in Australia.

Project scope document

For any event scope of the project provide a deep understanding of every aspect of the program from every point of view by making sure that every small activity has been taken under consideration such as the resource which is going to be needed to fulfill the requirement of the event that may include the necessary staging and the catering service with all other big and small things, making the timeline for every event so that it flows in a particular direction and the proper use of time could be achieved the deliverable must be done on time so that the unwanted or unnecessary risk could be avoided as each and everything is being interrelated to each other to make sure that all small and big activities will completely time it became necessary to make sure that the project is being managed from every aspect containing the limitations and resources of the project also (Bouchon, et al., 2017).

The most important things which are necessary to consider to lead the event to a better end are as follows: finance in this budgeting of the different items and event has been included, managing the required manpower for all different purposes such as the catering, security, management, etc, last but not least choosing the place and the necessary equipment which is necessary to conduct the event things in it such as necessary furniture, audio and visual system to make sure that each and everyone present at the event can listen and see necessary that are being gone on at the place. 

Stakeholders analysis

A stakeholder in this are involved are both internal and external, stakeholders are persons who are having direct or indirect relations with the ongoing work in this case event the two types of stakeholders which are involved in this are internal and external. Internal stakeholders are those who are responsible to conduct the event and the external stakeholders are generally the audience and other members who are temporarily available for work.

Internal stakeholder 

The most common internet stakeholders which are going to be present at the event are as:

1 Employee – The working staff who are going to do the all basic work at the event

2 Volunteers – Who are going to help in the work when needed to increase the manpower and help in completing the work in time.

3 Sponsors – these are the person who is managing the financials of the event.

External stakeholders

1 Audience –  The most common and important external stakeholders of the event are the desired audience for which the event has been organized.

2 Investors – They are not having any direct connection with the event but indeed perform a major role in terms of financial help.

3 Government agencies – To ensure the event from every perspective different government agencies are also being involved and by that they became also the important external stakeholders.

4 Media – To cover the all event live the different media agencies are also going to be present over there at the time of the event.

Different stakeholders require other management for the audience the whole event has been organized in the meanwhile the work arrangement for all of the other staff members which are internal stakeholders must be provided to make sure the arrangement of the event.


The most common and important steps involved in a successful event marketing plan are as follows:

1 Determine the objective of the event – The science gathering event ICCAES 

2 Identifying the targeted audience – These are the professional who has done something great in the field of science or poses some sort of accomplishment in the field of science including engineers, scientists, doctors, architects, etc.

3 Creating a website – As the event will going to have many guests from the different parts of the work making a website is the best option to gather maximum attention from all around the world making sure that the necessary information must be provided at the site so that there has no confusion of any kind in the desire audience.

4 Creating valuable information on the website– This is based on the targeting desired audience and making sure that it will increase the reach to the maximum number of audience so that it can inform the majority about the event. The basic things which it going to include are as timing and location of the event and the process of registration on following it anyone can book their place in the event.

5 Funnelling the audience – In this only the desired audience will be targeted and get priority for the ads, this strategy of driving the audience to the website is a result of a marketing strategy that resulted in getting the desired audience.

6 Making event content strategy – It includes many things in it such as blog posts, videos, social media, frequently asked questions, messages, and many more around it (Allen, 2021). 


The handling of the logistics to the optimum level is found to as a major aspect that could be considered the critical factor for the success of any event. Making sure that all resources which have involved are being gathered and are suitable for the purpose following steps must be followed accordingly for the best result: venue logistics, warehousing and distribution, traffic management, and asset tracing.

Event logistics plan

1 Planning – All the important aspects of the event such as the necessary items and equipment which are required for the event and must include all sorts of management tools as efficiency depends on it. 

2 Specific goals – Making clear goals will result in achieving them faster for the current event the main objective of the logistics involved the furniture, decoration, audio and video system, and many more.

3 using SMART technologies – This is used to make sure that the items or things of more importance based on the result of SMART can be arranged first so that the major part of the event could be converted first rather than doing it in the wrong way.

4 Fix plans – Making or using the electronic planner for the purpose to make it convenient and faster

5 Execution – By using the quality service the issue of the plan could be avoided and the risk will be managed in terms of execution of the plan.

6 Time control – To make sure that the work is complete on time and the event goes smoothly different planer including online and offline modes of work could be introduced to make sure the objective will be accomplished. It includes support service, planning, dispatch coordination, pacing and loading, declaration, express mail, unloading, storing, transport and other transport, and many more. Just by having proper planning the risk of miss management could be avoided.

Project budget

The budgeting process, in any event, is very important and must be done accordingly as all other aspects whether what kind of decoration that is going to be used in the function and the audio and video availability of what kind or even the catering service type and quality are going to depend on it. If the budget of any product has been set correctly then the target would be achieved with minimum planning based on the priorities budget would be used and resources for different purposes also going to be used according to the allocated budget.

At the event, the main items which are going to be used to fulfill the purpose of the event are as follows, and based on the identified item budget will going to be allocated accordingly to make sure that each and everything will be going to fit in the budget and the overall planning will lead to a successful event. It includes things as follows:

1 budget for the decoration of the event – Thaw event based on the main theme of the event will help the audience to get related to it and get more comfortable at the place easily.

2 budgets for the catering service – The cuisine according to the choice of most of the audience will lead to a better experience for the guest and will make it memorable (Kavanagh, et al., 2015).

3 budgets for the necessary furniture which is required – the most common furniture which is being generally used in every event are as the arrangement for the seating is the most important as the long session sometimes make it painful to attend.

4 budgets for the audio and visual which are going to be required – As it is a science-based event in which the different videos and the related speech for all will be provided and to make sure that 

Work breakdown

It includes some basic levels of an item which are planning, execution, monitoring, and control. For a successful event, it became very important that the work that is being allotted must be done in time for proper event management.

It became very difficult to arrange the all work by oneself or at the same time dividing the work based on the requirement will lead to the better accomplishment of the task that will be assigned and the overall work will lead to the completion of the main objective of the work that is related to the current event and the different team for that purpose will be required are as follows:

1 planning – The team will do all necessary planning which is being required such as the arrangement of the decoration and the furniture with the availability of audio and visual instruments 

2 executions – As based on the planning the different small work which has been appointed to the different teams will be completed in the given time and the overall work will be completed by the given deadline.

3 work distribution – having a team for security to make sure that the event will not get into any kind of chaotic situation, catering service to make sure that the housing is as per the audience and also as per their interest.

Doing the work based on the different skills and abilities of the staff will divide the workload on the team equally and also helps in correcting it with a better approach (Jones, 2017). 

Gantt chart

For better management of any, kind or project Gantt chart is commonly used, and not only that it is one of the most popular chart methods along with its usefulness, but it also shows the activity display against time. In short, the activities concerning the time in which it has to be performed can be organized and understood better. The pace of the work could be determined by it and it also helps in determining the speed of the work concerning time and necessary arrangements that could be done concerning the deadline if any project work is taking too much time to complete than the allotted (Park, et al., 2017).

Based on the current event the description of the grant chart with activity concerning time is shown below:

Activity  Timeline 
Project scope document Week 2
Stakeholder management plan Week 2
Marketing  Week 6
Logistic Week 5
Project budget Week 7
Work breakdown structure Week 7
Gantt chart Week 6
Risk management plan Week 8
Staging and close down Week 12

Risk management plan

Risk management is an effort that was put down to eliminate or minimize the risk which could be raised and it also includes the potential risk that may raise at the time of an event doing prior research on risk can help in minimizing the chance of risk to occur to almost 100 %.

For the current event of science gathering of brilliant minds at ICCAES, the most common step in any risk plan included to make sure that the objective is incident-proof as much as possible are as follows, the below-written points are based on the current event:

1 Identifying the risk – The most commonly identified risk from the event are equipment or technology failure, emergencies regarding medical importance, incident around security, and last but not least crowd management.

2 Analysing the risk – based on the first step the different identified risks have to be analyzed based on the event of a similar type so that it became easy to evaluate the level of risk.

3 Prioritizing the risk – After the evaluation process it is time to prioritize them as per their impact and the chance of occurring

4 Treating the risk – Risk treatment consists of handling the risk based on the priority level so that the best management of risk could be performed and the overall event becomes risk-proof. It also includes the handling of the risk if any occurred at the time of the event and it includes the Availability of a contingency plan for every type of risk that has been found in step one such as the availability of emergency exits and other related things to it.

5 Monitoring the risk – After making sure that every risk has been addressed properly the last step and also the most important of all is to do continuous monitoring of the risk this will lead to quick action on incident or risk if any occurred at the time of the event and by that the chaotic situation could be avoided (Van Winkle, & Bueddefeld, 2020).

Staging and close down

Staging and close down are two different and important phases of any event they mainly decide the impact and overall experience of the audience that is going to present in the event and to put a good impression on the desired audience and make sure that their experience about the event is memorable the proper staging and closing require (Veal, & Burton, 2015). 

For the current event staging is going to be as follows:

As it is based on a science theme which means the decoration and all other stuff are going to be according to it so that the audience which will attend going to easily mix with the place and get comfortable, also there is a need for proper arrangement and the stage with proper audio and video availability so that the ongoing function could be monitor and heard accurately from any part of the place in the event.

The close down of the event is going to be as follows:

Closing activities will be performed to direct the event to its last stage and to make sure that every activity before it will have been completed.

At the end of the event when all the activities have happened and the time is almost about o end the event the catering facility will be introduced and with that, all the audience can leave after having the cousin, and by that the closing of the event would be done.

The staging and closing of any event must be fantastic so that the audience could enjoy the event from the moment they step in and to the moment when they left. This will lead to an experience that they will remember and never forget the experience that they have at the event.


All the important things which must be concluded into the event based on the international conference on chemical and environmental science at Australia have going to be conducted and after performing all the necessary searching and the planning for the day it has been observed that the overall project is being moved toward to the successful event and not only that things have been taken under consideration to make sure that the event will leave an unforgettable impact on the guest which are going to be present over there that day.

The proper planning consists of deciding the scope of the event, stakeholder analysis, and the right marketing have provided a better viewpoint on the event and indeed have helped in achieving the overall goal of the event.

The theme of the event is based on the science background so that the audience or the guest present over there can get comfortable with the surrounding, making sure that the staging and closing down will be done on time and the risk management plan is have been evaluating multiple time so that they are not any kind of incident on the day of the event and in any case if something is not going to as per the plan the quick back up or contingency plan will be implemented so that the event does not get interrupted because of the unnecessary occurring of the issue.

The overall plan has almost concluded each and everything important for the event in terms of its success.


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