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Practical Assessment

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Type of Assessment

This summative practical assessment, along with your written questions, will enable your Assessor to make a judgement of competency against the requirements of this unit of competency.

Assessor Instructions

The Assessment Benchmark developed for each unit of competency is the evidence criteria used to judge the quality of performance (i.e. the assessment decision-making rules).  Assessors must use these benchmarks to make judgement on whether competency has been achieved and to determine if the participant has performed to the standard expected to meet unit requirement and learning outcomes.  Competency results for each unit are recorded in the Record of Assessment Form.

Reasonable Adjustment

AHMI will allow flexibility in relation to the way in which each unit is delivered and assessed based on the student’s requirement.  The following are the reasonable adjustments for this unit:

Reasonable adjustment for this unit College Based On-Line Delivery
Assistance of a Learning Support Teacher for LLN issues    
Modifications to physical environment, e.g. wheelchair access    
Changes to course design, e.g. instead of written assessment task – change to verbal questioning & assessor to write the answers    
Changes in lecture schedules and arrangements, e.g. relocating classes to an accessible venue    
Modifications to computer equipment in the computer lab    
Provision of information or course materials in accessible format, e.g.  a text book in braille    
Supply of specialised equipment or services, e.g. a note taker for a student who cannot write    

Assessment Coding

Assessment of this program of study is based on competency-based principles.

S          = Satisfactory

NS       = Not Satisfactory

Students who fail to perform satisfactorily for the assessment on the prescribed date may be assessed as ‘not satisfactory’. You are required to be assessed as ‘Satisfactory’ on completion of this Assessment.




Any re-assessment is conducted as soon as practicable after you have been informed of the requirement to be re-assessed and have been given the opportunity to be re-trained and assimilate the training.  You are re-assessed in only the areas assessed NS.  It is at the assessor/s discretion to re-assess the entire assessment should it be demonstrated an overall understanding of this unit has not been achieved.

Pre-requisite Unit

CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry


I acknowledge the assessment process has been explained. I agreed to undertake the assessment. I am aware of the outcome of the assessment.   I am aware of AHMI’s appeals process, should the need arise. I also understand I must be assessed as ‘satisfactory’ in all parts of the assessment to gain a competent result for this unit of competency. I declare the work contained in this assessment is my own, except where acknowledgement of sources is made. I understand a person found responsible for academic misconduct will be subject to disciplinary action (refer to student handbook).
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Assessors use only
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Assessor Name:   __________________________   Assessor Signature:  _______________________________


Date: _________________ Result:                           Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory



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Instructions to Student

Students must complete all assigned tasks within this assessment.



Instructions to Student

You are required to:

•   Complete task within the time allowed: =  as scheduled in class roll

•   Use safe work practices, including use of PPE, throughout the task



1: Measurement Exercise

2: Landscaping Exercise

3: Quantities Exercise



Materials and Equipment: Relevant Legislative requirements, appropriate Australian Standards, applicable Manufacturer’s Technical Data, adequate and appropriate Organisation’s Risk Assessment and Safe Systems of Work, PPE, paperwork requirements and all the appropriate tools and test equipment.


The student will undertake and complete the following Job Instructions to achieve the skills to identify commonly used carpentry materials and handle, store and move them safely and efficiently without damage, which includes working with others and as a member of a team.

The Job Instructions can be performed in the workplace or a simulated workplace environment.

To achieve a satisfactory outcome for the unit, the student will be assessed by the Trainer through direct observation.


Note: The student will undertake and complete the Job Instructions when a satisfactory result has been achieved for the required knowledge.























Assessment Tasks


Job Instructions:



Job Instruction 1: Measurement Exercise


Measuring timber


The student is required to measure piece of timber with distance measuring laser device, measuring tape and ruler and do markings for cutting pieces.


Job Instruction 2: Landscaping Exercise


Plan of Proposed Land scaping


Area of the following

  1. Area of the courtyard = 600,000 sq. unit
  2. Area of the House = 192,000,000 sq. unit
  3. Area of the Large Garden = 338,000,000 sq. unit
  4. Area of the Small Garden = 2.39×10 ^13 sq. unit
  5. area of the Bush area = 32,000,000 sq. unit
  6. area of the pool Area = 70,700,000 sq. unit
  7. area of the Pool = 12,560,000 sq. unit
  8. Area of the House Block = 192,000,000 sq. unit

The volume of the following

  1. Volume of the pool = 15,072,000,000 cubic unit
  2. volume of the House slab = 19,200,000,000 mm^3
  3. volume of topsoil = 96,000,000,00 mm^3


Job Instruction 3: Quantities Exercise




Using the plan and specification calculate the Lineal metres of 190 mm Sawn Cedar weather boards (cover 165)  to clad the exterior of the house. Calculate the walls individually and record in the corresponding letter A to F.


The external wall height is 2120 mm to under eaves.


Write the timber order in the given format and allow 6% for waste.



Wall Material Size Lineal Total Lineal
A Bamboo timber 3100mm 0.31  2.183
B Bamboo timber 4500mm 0.45
C Birch Timber 3380mm 0.338
D Birch Timber 2850mm 0.285
E Bamboo Timber 2100mm 0.21
F Bamboo timber 5900mm 0.59


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