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‘’Plato’s Cave analogy’’

‘’Plato’s Cave analogy’’

It is an allegory that is presented by the Greek philosopher, his name is Plato, and the work is about the effect of education. The meaning of the allegory cave is to represent how human beings live in the world; this analogy reflects two creations in the story that is the outside world and the world inside the cave.

We learn a key life lesson from Plato’s cave analogy every postulation you have about realism you call ‘’real’’. This very influential way to grow the ability to think manually and is helpful to find the solution to any problem. The author is in the prison and lives their whole life in this cave, all concept is based on the cave.

Plato’s cave analogy defines that the human being takes care of the object rather than the human, as in the story the author is in the prison and fire is outside the cave and the human is taking care of the object rather than the human this is the reality. This theory talks about illusion and ordinary knowledge. This theory is based on intelligible activity, if you are stuck in a situation then, the situation will help you from coming out of the problem.

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