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SITHKOP002 Plan and Cost Basic Menus

Question 1

The information needed for costing and menu is given below:

  1. Cost of food and budgetary objectives of the operation of foodservice
  2. Capability of production, including available personnel and equipment
  3. Service type and system of food delivery

Question 2

  1. Presentation
  2. Dish name
  3. Price
  4. Category of food
  5. Items and ingredients
  6. Balance and nutrition

Question 3

Portion costs and yields will be calculated from raw ingredients by using the following formula:

Portion yield = EP weight / AP weight * 100 = yield%

Portion cost = Cost of ingredients / number of portions

Question 4

The eight things are given below:

  1. Carbs
  2. Proteins
  3. Fat
  4. Fibre
  5. Vitamins
  6. Water
  7. Minerals
  8. Colour

Question 5

The things that should be kept in mind while writing the content of the menu are given below:

  1. Utilize unusual words and terms
  2. Keep it easy and simple
  3. Utilize some tricks in balance

Question 6

The benefits are given below:

  1. It is very useful in mainly comparing the impacts of cost and health of various interventions implicating similar outcomes of health.
  2. It gives the items on the menu that give the maximum yield.
  3. It also gives the idea that how much cost is mainly incurred for preparing the dish.

Question 7

The five steps are given below:

  1. Map out all meals
  2. Concern about fresh ingredients
  3. Plan for future
  4. Consider the preferences of consumers
  5. Add varieties to the menu

Question 8

Six influences are given below:

  1. Tastes
  2. Income and cost
  3. Availability and accessibility
  4. Cultural impacts
  5. Mood
  6. Beliefs and attitudes

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