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The use of drugs both in a school and in an agency is prevalent.  The longer they work, the more they will be accustomed to certain drugs that are used frequently.  It is important to be knowledgeable about the drugs they will be administering.  For this assignment, they will go back to the Unit 4 PowerPoint found in Blackboard and choose one drug from one of the slides.  The choice of drug is up to them.  They will research the drug through the internet (please see Unit 1, slide 17 for sites) to find the following information in the chart below:



AMITRIPTYLINE, the brand name on which the amitriptyline was sold is ELAVIL. It has 96% of protein binding.

CAS ID:549-18-8

MOLAR MASS;277.403g/mol




The drug AMITRIPTYLINE drug is mainly used to improve or treat the mood/mental diseases such as depression. It improves and relieves tension and anxiety. it increases the capacity of their sleep and increases their level of energy.


One must see the guide and understand how to take the medicine and see and examine the effect and the time it takes for the effect. The medicine must be taken by mouth. Minimum 1-4 doses a day as said by their doctor. A proper night’s rest must be taken so that the daytime sleep must be reduced as the effect of the medicine. The medicines must be taken regularly so that their effect of it may work based on their medical conditions.


The effects which mostly take effect when using it are headache, somnolence, weight gain, xerostomia, and constipation. As we all know using any kind of drug causes adverse effects because as we know there are good effects of every drug and bad effects too which may result in serious health issues which need medical treatment as soon as possible.


The interaction between the drugs may change the way how the medicine will work after taking the dose and it also increases the risk of serious side effects over the dose. This document is not liable and does not contain complete drug interactions. They should never stop a medicine or start a new medicine without the approval of their doctor in any case.


Amitriptyline drug causes a  serious condition of affecting the heart rhytm{QT Prolongation} it may cause other symptoms and irregular/fast heartbeat. Which needs serious medical treatment as soon as possible. It may also increase if a person has a medical condition or he/she might be using other drugs which may cause more severe {Qt Prolongation}.


If in their house or nearby places someone overdoses an AMITRIPTYLINE. They must need a doctor for not to have serious trouble. If no doctor is near then they should call an ambulance or they should call the poison control centre as soon as possible. Overdose of it may result in heavy breathing, extreme drowsiness, medicine, regular heartbeat, slow/shallow breathing, hallucinations, and fainting.


This medicine is safe for long use. as the medicine does not have any harm for a long time like months or years but this medicine is not addictive as taking it for a long time might not be addictive but some effects like headache and rounds must be seen if they suddenly stop taking the medicine.

For full marks, please ensure they have attended to the subheadings:

DRUG NAME – the drug’s generic name, a brand under which the drug is marketed

GENERAL INFORMATION – a summary of the drug’s important characteristics

INFORMATION FOR USERS – practical information on how and when to take the drug, the usual recommended dosage, how soon it takes effect, how long it is active and advice on diet, storage and missed doses

POSSIBLE ADVERSE EFFECTS – indicates adverse effects that they may experience with the drug

INTERACTION – how the drug may interact with other drugs or substances taken at the same timed

SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS – describes circumstances in which the drug should be taken with special caution or in which it might not be suitable

OVERDOSE ACTION – indicates the symptoms that may occur if an overdose has been taken and tells them what immediate action is required

PROLONGED USE – tells them what effects the drug may have when taken over a long period and what monitoring may be advised

For an example of the above breakdown, please go to Unit 1, Slide 19

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