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Personal Goals Assignment

1. The goal for the current workplace

In my current workplace, my goal is to provide better quality services to consumers. As the Banquet Server Intern, my responsibilities include preparing dining tables, serving beverages and food to guests at their serving stations, creating a pleasant and soothing atmosphere for entertainment and dining, offering bar services to the clients including cash and credit service both and cleaning up after occasions and also assisting in inventory. Also, I have to follow the procedures and policies of the company. When consumers are happy with the service they get, they are further likely to believe and trust and also be honest towards the company. As my goal is to offer better quality services to the consumers, this will create a positive and better experience for consumers that could lead to repeat referrals and business. This also can increase my level of performance which can lead to high productivity and efficiency for me and the company and also increase the reputation of the company (Rose, 2018).

2. The goal for personal development

My goal for personal development is to acquire further skills and knowledge for success. These skills and knowledge can assist my progress in my present role and possibly identify new opportunities for career development. This route of development might also help to keep me in constantly changing practices and environments of work. These skills and knowledge can help in building self-confidence and also build a sense of accomplishment. As knowledge improves the skills such as problem-solving, I need to improve my capabilities so that it can help me to become a better person and can lead to high productivity in my performance. Knowledge also permits us to effectively think about challenges, topics, and issues from various perspectives. I must also consider that before acquiring the skill, its value should be verified. I could improve and gain skills with experience and education. If I become further advanced in performing convinced skills, the further I would likely progress in my career (Rose, 2018).

3. The goal for long-term career development

My goal for long-term career development is to practice balance in work-life. In today’s time, people are facing many problems in managing their personal and professional life. It has become difficult to manage work-life as the work stress is getting higher day by day. This leads to many diseases and also affects the mental well-being of the person (Sharf, 2016).

Therefore, I think that it is important for me to practice balance in my work life so that I can maintain my work efficiency. Due to work stress, the capability of work decreases and the performance and output are also affected. I need to maintain balance in my work-life as this can help increase productivity and I can put my efforts completely and efficiently which will ultimately increase my proficiency in the work. I can enjoy my personal as well as professional life. This goal will eventually boost my confidence and morale and lead to an effective professional and personal life (Sharf, 2016).


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Personal Goals Assignment 2

1. Goal for the current workplace

While working in the current workplace I will try to follow the policies and procedures of the organization and will respect my boundaries. Rather than this, I will try to incorporate proper communication while interacting with the staff and customers and will always come on time in order to attend my shift and showcase respectful and disciplined behavior (Blustein, 2013).

2. Goal related to personal development

To increase my skills as an employee I want to develop some knowledge related to operating different software, and rather than this want to develop effective communication skills so that can handle the customers smoothly. And want to learn safe handling practices and learn some hygiene practices so that can develop my quality of work.

3. Goal related to long-term career development

As a long-term development goal, I need to master some job-related skills so that can exceed in the same field and can grab better opportunities in the career ahead and build some personal and professional skills. Rather than this need to develop some professional networks for myself that can help me out in my career ahead and help me grab better opportunities so that I don’t miss anyone of them and establish nice relations in my career ahead (Blustein, 2013).


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Personal Goals Assignment 3

Some of the goals which are set during the work term are-

1. A goal from the current workplace

My goal will be to provide support to other colleagues for their development. Helping others will be good for me and my co-workers as well. It will improve their morale. When support is provided they are more likely to support us and it also boosts their morale as well. Helping others will facilitate development and in them, it will bring out the best. Helping each other within the workplace will also improve the environment and it also makes people more influential and respected as well. When I will be having a helping nature my co-workers will not hesitate to these issues with me and they can also provide their suggestions on any topics (Salehi, et al., 2018).

2. The goal for the personal development

For personal development, the goal will be to develop emotional intelligence. Developing emotional intelligence will help control emotions and empathy levels. As I am a very emotional person and sometimes it is not good for myself only. Sometimes I take very much stress at work and after work, I am not able to handle that stress (Avlaev, et al., 2020). So developing emotional intelligence will help me to manage my emotions in a positive way and it will also help me to empathize with others. Developing emotional intelligence will also help me to overcome all the changes and conflicts that arise due to stress or other issues that can also be refused. Developing emotional intelligence will also help me a greater self-awareness. As it helps in thinking and also helps in adapting our own feelings. It also allows us to consider the various factors which contribute to our emotions. At current I am not able to handle any criticism and it is difficult for me to move after making any mistake. So for my personal development, it will help me to accept criticism and I can also handle my mistakes effectively (Avlaev, 2020).

3. Goal for long-term career development

For long-term career development, my goal will be to increase my professional knowledge and training as well. Gaining more professional knowledge will be useful for my career. It will help me to get promoted. Gaining more professional knowledge will also help in to provide a significant contribution to the company’s success. When i’ll be having good knowledge it will boost my confidence and credibility as well.  It also ensures that skills and knowledge stay suitable and relevant as well. It will also help me to be good at planning and staying organized. Gaining professional knowledge will also increase my knowledge about my job responsibilities and I can use different ways to handle my responsibilities effectively (Hui, et al., 2018).


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