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Paragraph Assignment 3 Narrative Paragraph  


Paragraph Assignment 3

Narrative Paragraph



Option 1

Recently I met an accident that I have never forgotten in my life till date I never met with an accident that happen in front of my eyes, this incident happened when me and my friend driving separate bikes and when we travel and suddenly my friend met with an accident and falls from the bike and when he falls he was unconscious and I got panic by seeing him on the ground in an unconscious situation and bleeding with my scratches and injuries. Then I called emergency and took him to the hospital in an ambulance with the proper care when I was taking him to the hospital there was traffic on the road so much that I can’t even control my temper and started shouting at the ambulance driver and abusing him because blood is continuously coming out and blood is not stopping after doing so much try and when we reach to the hospital I just put him on the stretcher so quickly and asked for a doctor and when they ask me to complete the formalities of documentation I shouted on them and said it is emergency and no need to do formalities I will do documentation later and I was totally out of control until and unless he got treated with the proper guidance of a doctor and later on I did formalities of the hospital and I settle down my brain and feels relax when he come consciously and I asked about how he is feeling when he replied in a smiling way. And after this, I asked sorry from the doctor and the driver for my bad behaviour my eyes are numb and having so many thoughts in my head that are running and I was sitting quietly and thanking god for saving my friend from the serious injury. And learn that calmness and always important in any kind of situation in life without that you cannot do that.




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