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BMA799 Modified Management Plan

As there are opportunities in the market that should be capitalised on by the NatureCare’s organisation that can help to some extinct to achieve the objective of the Organisation. As there is a COVID-19 pandemic going on in the country there are many new opportunities in the market due to COVID-19 there is the demand for sanitisers is continually increasing in the world so this is the opportunity that should be capitalised on and also have huge demand of sanitiser among the peoples for their protection. As the main focus of the organisation will be to make a sanitiser that contains low alcohol levels and make sanitisers in an eco-friendly manner. So, the organisation is planning in doing so by getting new skilled employees and also by getting some new technologies but technology should be eco-friendly so that it does not harm the environment.

Sanitiser product has some shortage in the market and there are also stakeholders are also interested because the demand for sanitiser bottles in the market is continuously increasing as the pandemic is prevailing in the country and also from now onwards there is no more need for sanitisers because people will now focus on self-care.

In this situation, the government is also panicking about the COVID-19 condition and wants some more products like sanitisers so government and political are is also helping and motivating the companies for making the products like this. The competitive organisations are doing so but as there is a need the best one stand among the others. And because of this the stakeholders and employees are happy at least they are getting some variety and also employment. As there is a requirement from each manager to get their work and duties for the betterment and effective application of the objective and also help in the achieving the objective of the organisation.

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