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MIS303 Professional Ethics

MIS303 Professional Ethics

Professional Ethics

Ethics is very important in the workplace as it builds confidence and trust in the relationship and business. Unethical actions can result in declining sales, bad publicity, and lead to legal actions because it is the responsibility of the company to take care of the ethics related to employees, owners, community, environment, and consumers.

Professional ethics refers to the set of standards that are used to describe the expected professional behavior required in all fields of work. It also refers to the criteria and principles that regulate actions in professional work.

Ethical behavior in the workplace:

It refers to the appropriate behavior. It is based on morals and ethical behavior. When the actions of the person are following moral principles, the people around him also start possessing good behavior.

Many organizations have formulated some documents that are codes of conduct that depicts the behavior of employee in the workplace.

It is mainly because the conduct of an individual may affect the relationship in the workplace, thereby they have to take a negative toll based on the overall performance of the workplace.

Unethical behavior at Workplace:

It generally refers to an action that aims for taking an advantage of someone without their consent. Or it refers to manipulating a person without taking their permission.

This kind of behavior can take different types of forms in the organization. Unethical behavior creates a negative impact on the employees, management, and company.

Consequences related to Unethical practices:

Following are the consequences related to unethical practices:

  1. Due to such practices company can lose its credibility.
  2. As an employee you can lose your job, respect, and reputation, if found involved in unethical practices.
  3. Such behavior can result in financial losses and fines.
  4. Productivity and the general morale of the company and other employees may decline.
  5. Those that are related to such activities lose their time and money.
  6. People and customers can give negative feedback related to your business, which can affect the productivity of the company.
  7. Company’s reputation may decrease

Information System and Ethics:

Technology has always been under the control of the information and the content, but it is neural ethically. For I S professionals it is critical to understand the concept and realize the technology users are the ones who make ethical decisions.

When the I S personnel engage in unethical behavior, then the entire organization suffers.

An increase in the scrutiny of operations by outside and management parties makes it difficult to hide the comments behind.

Ethics is used in a system to overcome issues like:

Privacy – It deals with the security of information that an association must not reveal.

Accuracy – It deals with the responsibility of authenticity, accuracy, and fidelity of information.

Accessibility – What kind of information does a company have the privilege to gather.

Property – It defines who the owner of the information is?

Who should access the scarce resources that are allocated?

Ethics related to Information system evaluation:

It creates new power in the structure and removes myths from the information field.

It deals with the development of conflicts that are ethical and deals with the information field.

It helps to develop moral values in the field of information.

It explores the intentionality’s and hidden contradictions in the theories related to information and practices.

Reason for ethical issue:

DigiSolzperts is a company whose main function is to provide a software solution. They develop software that is customized as per the requirement of the customers. DigiSolzperts is working on the development of the software that performs information management for a veterinary hospital    i. e.  Petz Hospital. This software will maintain and access records related to the patient and surgery. The hospital has demanded reliable and fast software that can meet the increasing demands.

And now the delivery deadline for the software is close, and the functional requirement of the software are met but there is a need to conduct some more testing and for this, the deadline has to get extended. The Project manager involved in this project is Daniel, he is a very responsible person and has completed many projects before, and right now he is working on this project related to Petz Hospital.

But the situation for him is not favorable right now as he has to deliver the software but there is some more testing required, so he wants some extension, if he will demand such an extension then his image may get disrupted but the testing of the software is also essential as it will indirectly affect the lives of pets.

He is in a confusing situation right now which has led to this ethical issue.

Internal and external stakeholders in the company:

Here the internal stakeholders are the management team and the employees and owners that are related to the working of the company and the external stakeholders comprise the shareholders and customers in this case.

If the Project manager that is Daniel does not complete the work on time then the services of the company will be questioned will de-motivate the people related to the company and if the service that is delivered to the client is not appropriate then the working of the company will get affected and the name of Digi Solzperts will also get affected.

Moral standards of Daniel:

He is a responsible person and loyal to his work. He should maintain this trait and should not hide the circumstances. He should talk about it briefly with the company and customer.

Insight of the company’s ethical culture:

It somewhere reflects that the organization is quite stiff towards the employees and it needs to be a bit flexible so that the employees could open up their views comfortably before them.

Code of ethics related to this situation:

In this situation, Wal-Mart’s code of conduct should be followed, because it deals with matters like- Service provided to the customer and respect for the individual.

How the business could be affected:

If the service is not delivered on time then the reputation of the company may get affected and if the service provided is not good then also it will impact the image of the company, as a result, the market value of the company will decrease sales may get affected. That can turn the company towards big losses.

Steps that should be taken by the leadership team:

  1. Analyze all the circumstances before and after that give any commitment of the deadline.
  2. Prepare a time management plan for the task that is to be executed.
  3. Daily communicate with the team and identify problems related to this.
  4. Set the period for the deadline quite long so that if there is a need to make some changes then it could be done possibly.
  5. Should build a bit flexible atmosphere.

The thing that could be done in this situation:

In this situation except for delivering incomplete work he should talk with the management team and the client, by telling them about the importance of the work that is remaining.


It is really necessary to maintain professional and personal ethics in a workplace to maintain a positive and smooth environment otherwise if not followed then it may result in conflicts or can ruin the image of the organization. And ethically the organization should also support the employees in dealing with personal and professional issues.

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