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MEMO Report



Part 1 Original Memo

TO: All employees

FROM: Carol Smith/ Human Resource

SUBJECT: Cancellation of July 1st Picnic

DATE: May 30, 2021

With great regret, I am informing all of you that the picnic plan which was made last week, the picnic was at high park Toronto on 1st July is cancelled. The reason for the cancellation was told by President John K. Hoff and other senior Management that the association which is sponsoring the picnic is not have justified financial conditions to sponsor this picnic at this time and we are still dealing with the lawsuit and the association which was sponsoring was Liberty Saving & Loan Association.

These picnic-like events are important for maintaining the healthy environment of the company. Now management is hoping for the celebrating Christmas party. And management needs everyone’s contribution to that party. As every employee contributes to the party so that holidays can be celebrated like never before it was celebrated. To maintain the morale of all employees this celebration is needed to be to boost the values of the company and also trust can be maintained by the employees.

The president of the company wants to thank for this great sacrifice during a hard time for the Liberty company and also these types of sacrifices help for the better of the company, and this shows the nature of loyalty of the employees towards the company. And trust of the employees is indescribable for the company. And there will be exciting news for the employees related to the Christmas party in the monthly letter of the Liberty Company. With your help and support, we can make this. And we will work harder to achieve the objectives of the organization at the end of this year and hope that all employees will achieve their respective targets, and hope for the very best for the future of the company.



Part 2 Memo to the Manager

TO:  Departmental Managers

FROM: Carol Smith/ Human Resource

SUBJECT: Planning and Conduction of July 1st Picnic

DATE: May 23, 2021

This is to inform you all it was decided by the president of the Liberty company that there will be some extracurricular activity for the employees so that they feel refreshed and also this small function will be helpful for the keeping the environment of the workplace refreshing.

President John K. Hoff and other senior management decided on the picnic in the High Park in Toronto which will be financed by the Liberty Saving & Loan Association. This activity is required as the new staff is recruited and there is a lot of communication and also which is required to know the employees closely and the best option for the communication with employees is to go for the picnic outside. This picnic will help in releasing the stress and working mind of the employees and distract their behavior of the employees. The employees will feel relaxed and this is important for the healthy environment of the company.

The company’s employees will go from the workplace to the picnic spot via a transport medium is Bus, which is provided by the company itself and this will help in making the integrity among the employees. The Bus will pick up in the morning and all employees will return in the evening time. This activity will boost the morale of the employees and also excitement in the work at the workplace and this will help in achieving the objective f the Liberty Saving and Loan Association in a very efficient manner and this will result in the boosting of the production.



Part 3Communication method (Memo)

The medium of communication which is used is a memo or memorandum these are professional communication medium that contains professional language and these memos are brief of any situation and the language of the memo is easily understandable quickly and this makes dynamic and effective changes in the business. This is a convenient medium of communication that communicates the whole organization and this memo is the type used in low-quality paper and also helps in maintaining the (Takal, et al.,2021) records of the written work if needed in future.  These memos are cost-saving to the organization and can be transmitted cheaply to all employees in written simple papers. These memos are focused on a single topic and contain direct sentences in short type and the language is clear. This is important for the business that is used within the organization and can be sent to people that have close relationships.




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