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Time: 10:00 AM

Duration: 25 min.

Attendees: 7

HR Manager: Good Morning to all of you than you for attending a meeting today we gather here for discussing some input communication plans to communicate required changes and opportunities.

Stakeholders: good morning sir so what kind of communication and educational plan do we need to meet the changes that are done by the organisation.

HR Manager: so now I am telling the staff members could you suggest some learning preferences and motivation factors for them. The customer service representative, finance assistant, payroll administrator, and Marketing Assistant.

Stakeholders: they should be given various training and a dedicated session for the betterment of delivery of communication and educational plans. And for motivation, there should be different rewards and also job security for them so that they can motivate themselves and work hard.

HR Manager: ok I will consider your reviews and I will plan according to this your reviews are best for the organisation and we will progress together as a team. Thank you as we sum up the meeting for today here.


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