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Meaning of Assignments and Their Purpose and Advantages

Assignments are the tasks given by teachers to the students related to their field of study. Generally,
students are asked to do some homework on some specific topic that is related to what the teacher
has taught in the classroom or defined by the subjects topic. Assignments can be in any form. Some
assignments demand to write an essay, some may ask students to complete a report for a specific
purpose or a project may be given, and some are mainly for research purposes.
Assignments are a part of a students life from kindergarten school. Children are usually asked to
read and write what they have learned in classrooms while elder students are generally given tasks
through which they can enhance their knowledge of respective subjects and revise the course
curriculum. This culture of giving assignments to students keeps them in the loop of their field of
study and keeps them in regular touch with their studies. The structure of a task depends upon the
nature of the particular topic of the subject. For example, a science assignment may have a project
or practical whereas an English assignment may ask students to read and write summaries.

All assignments are based on a deadline period which helps students in managing their time with
studies and take responsibility for their work from childhood, many children are in the notion that it
is the responsibility of the institution and teachers to make them learn and understand to educate
them. Teachers cannot give each and every detail to every student, and rather should not. So the
assignment is given so that students from their childhood have cultivated the habit of learning
independently. The main purpose of giving assignments is to make students improve their learning
skillsets by working on the topic either in groups or solely, and/or taking knowledge from outside
sources to complete the tasks. The purpose is to provide an opportunity to learn new things,
practice something different, and acknowledge their talents. It also helps the students to
demonstrate their achievements and goals.
Generally, students may tend to think of assignments to be not meaningful and somewhat useless,
but this is a false notion. There may be times when the students may be given some extra work or
the tasks may seem like an overload but truly the assignments allow the students to research by
themselves and be able to form their own understandings about the subject.

– Assignments promote the interests of students in a particular subject by engaging their
minds about different things about the subject.
– Assignment activity also creates and increases curiosity among students as when a student
research a topic they can form their own unique opinions and these opinions and questions
increases further curiosity for understanding. This is something that students might not
learn and cultivate just by being in classrooms and through teachers.
– Assignment writing enhances one’s writing and research. For completing any task students
must be conscious of the writing skills which include everything from grammar to
punctuation. And secondly, assignments usually need researching about the topics from
various resources students may find like internet, search engines, books, or anything
practical from everyday life. To make good use of the resources students will also develop
the research skills.

– Students who do their assignments knows that assignments help greatly in exams. Often the
questions are also similar. During the assignment completion, students will have to gather
much information about and relating to the topic. This activity helps students to perform
better in exams as they had learned and researched about it already on their own in
completing the tasks.
– Assignments activity promotes student cognitive abilities, analytical abilities, and also
creativity which is beneficial in their not only day-to-day lives but for their whole future. For
completing assignment tasks students try new ways to research and experiment with many
different ideas and learn new innovative ways for the completion. Students can increase
cognition and imagination just by doing their assignments. This activity not only increases
their mental capabilities but also makes one’s presentation of words and language in a
better and more unique way.

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