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MDIA7004 Social Media Practices

Task 01 – Report

Social Media Practices in Advertisement

The Internet discovery is the most important and also most innovative discovery of the 19th century with the continuous improvement in the use of the internet continuously widespread in many things. The great discovery of the internet which is known as social media is used as a form of communication. As the internet evolves it has been used in different fields today the great medium of communication that is used is the internet and social media. Social media is the platform on which this communication can be possible with the help of internet connections. The concept of marketing is to reach as many as people with proper information and this reach can be possible through the internet as this help in reaching people in no time and this is beneficial for the popularity of any company in the upcoming days.

Concept of social media in Business

The concept of social media is simple it is for communicating with peoples but as the use of social media like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram increases the popularity of social media increases and this result in a boost in the use of social media in different ways. Today social media is so popular and is used by so many people.

User Profile Social media have the features like user-profiles and this profile contains may information about the users this information can be used by the marketing experts for the marketing of products and the things which is liked by the user the social media have algorithms that show the product related to it and this helps in finding out the targeted user for the product.

User-generated content is the brand-specific content that is posted by the user on social media which is the purpose of the marketing of brands and other businesses. This can be used in the form of the marketing purpose and the post can be handled in the form of the advertisement of any products.

Social networking has wide use, not at the regional level but also have used at the international level and if the strategy of the marketing for the popularity of the business has a great scope that by marketing on social media has a great influence on the people (Garg & Pahuja,2020). The use of social media networking is which now has trending pages which are based on creativeness and the content of the advertisement should be creative and also should be attractive so that there will be liked by the users on social media.

Influence of Business on the development of the social media

Social media have a great impact on the users and also on the business. The most important part of the business is to have marketing strategies that are used for the popularity of the business. The popularity of the business determines the success of the business which is directly proportional to the growth of the business. For the growth and popularity of the business, there is marketing is used as a business tool for marketing purposes. The social media platform has different features which it is depend that what type of content they are required to post on that social media and according to that content there should be proper strategies.

E-gaming the growth of the society results in the growth of different cultures the culture like e-gaming culture which is used by the community like e-gaming which focuses on e-gaming and the marketing will be related to e-gaming and the accessories related to e-gaming. Likewise, other communities use the platform in the digital form like video calling or interaction digitally on the platform. The digital culture will help the marketing strategies to track the behaviour of the users which helps understand the impact of the advertisement. The culture of social media is so versatile that different cultures have different requirements for marketing advertisement.

Evaluation of social media in the business

Business Intelligence Social media nowadays is a medium of communication in different ways like through chatting and has some unique features like video calling and audio calling, and also have features likes sharing and comments on the post by any advertisement.

 E-commerce Social media makes this task easier through which business marketers can communicate with customers and also the relationship which is built through the social media through the various post by the marketers and consumers is connected by the platform this relationship is based on the trust of what it was shown in the post of the advertisement. The relationship has very less space for making mistakes. And the relationship which is built through social media is not based on the regionals but worldwide so there will be advantages and disadvantages of this kind of relationship that customers can have (Voorveld, et al., 2018).


The most important advantage of social media is that this relationship is built based on the post and the quality of the product this is a digital relationship that is not limited by a regional barrier this can be worldwide so the relations can be more effective by delivering the accurate service and the quality of the service and also by taking feedbacks regularly this might help in building strong relationships with the consumers.


The disadvantage of social media relations is that if there is any conflict that occurs or any condition from which the consumer is not satisfied and there is a need for the physical presence of the presentation of the product or service which is not possible through social media. There will be absenteeism of physical understanding and trying to convince again if there is any irregularity of the service, there will be the only way that the consumer also gives reply to you if there is no reply from that side then there is no way that one can able to make understand him and convenience again (Keegan & Rowley2017).

Use of the Social Media For communication objective

Communication is important for the business as this is the main pillar of any marketing strategy this communication helps to make relations with the consumers and these relationships make the trust and help the s in popularity of the business.

Brand building

Social media is a platform where it has the feature of a different kind of communication as there are several features and each social media have different features these features can depend on how a business can promote the activities of the marketing and advertisement on the different platforms. Facebook has many features like posting an advertisement with a short clip and an image with having the option of the comment section where advertiser see the comments on the post and these comments are done by the user who show the post and after seeing this post there will be feedback which is in the form of comment and like on the post.

Twitter is also a social media platform that is only composed of the post which we say tweets and these tweets can be managed by the advertiser in the form of the news and any announcement for the user by the company that is helpful information for the user and followers of that Twitter handles (Taggart et al.,2015). Instagram also has the same features as Facebook and the blog is something that needs to be in article form which means that there will be a piece of proper information about any announcement or the service that is going to be provided by the business and but the block doesn’t have as many options for the communication advertiser prefers Facebook social media for the promotion of the services and product of the business.

Critically evaluation of the social media

Digital Culture

Facebook grows to many new heights in recent times and the engagement of the users on Facebook because of the features which is provided by it, so the awareness about the brand can be identified more effectively on Facebook and the popularity via Facebook posts increased so dramatically that it is unimaginable. The influence of the social media determines by the number of users it has and the number of users will be more which means the influence of that particular media is more so there will be different social media platforms that have different kinds of features and these features can determine the engagement on the social media.

Digital Interaction

Different social media gives different features and these features determine the targets of the marketing strategies and target-based strategies make business marketing more efficient many users prefer to use a different platform like Instagram which means if you need to reach the people more than you must use the Instagram profile and make use of it. With a more creative and more accurate will be marketing strategy then there will more engagement of users and users will decide the trust in the business this build of trust makes the user share to their friends and family and this sharing of posts helps in the growing of the business and the popularity of the business (Murthy 2015).

Social media helps in building trust and enables the communication of the business to business, business to customer, and customer to customer by the use of the comment which is also for how the consumers feel about the product and these comments when read by other consumers then they will make an image of that product.

Impact of Social Media on consumers

Social Networking

Social media have a great impact on consumers in one way or another way and these ways are different for the consumers. The consumers on social media are connected digitally to an advertisement and this advertisement of the post should be effective and realistic so that there can be more trust and connection between the users and the business and this trust can be used for the popularity of the business (Voramontri & Klieb 2019). The impact can be negative on the users because the promised quality of the product and service will not meet the customer satisfaction this lead to unsatisfied consumers and this gives a negative impact on the consumers.

Critically analyse social media advertisement


Social media is the tool that is used by the business for marketing and this is used by many businesses for their popularity because engagement on social media is increased throughout recent years and the marketing strategies of the business also changes with this as such there will be some important things that need to be understood by the business

  1. the quality of content is preferred by social media which means that there will be a priority of the content will be quality, not quantity which means that the content of the advertisement on social media should be attractive and effective and also liked by the user that is present on that particular social media,
  2. the content of the advertisement should be according to the product which means that there will be relevant clips or graphics which can be relatable to the real world so that users can connect themselves with that advertisement because the connection will decide the trust in the post and this will help in the popularity of the business (Alalwan, et al., 2017).

There will be various methods of measuring the effectiveness of the post advertisement

  1. there should be a baseline that must measure the advertisement of the marketing and the post so that there will be proper measuring of the post on the social media likes, sharing and also the comment.


Social media have great scope for the marketing purpose but the proper marketing strategies should be used so that there will be proper target-based planning can be managed and always try to connect your criteria of the advertisement should be realistic and the promise that is made in the advertisement should be fulfilled so that social media users give the positive feedback, this will help in the making the business more effective and popular.


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