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Section 1: Establish customer service requirements

  • Provide a brief overview of the business you are basing your portfolio
    • What is the name of the business?


The name of the business is Worlducation.

  • What is the main focus/activities of the business?


The key focus of the business is to create software, activities and content to better educate and engage all students (Carliner, 2015).

  • Describe the products/services/programs associated with your chosen


The programs or services that are associated with Worldeducation are manufacturing tablet computers, creating all software, and selling.

  • What role will you assume as you manage customer service?


The role that we will expect as we manage consumer services is to provide a motivating and productive environment of working and accurately address all disputes and issues from the clients or consumers.

  • Which roles will you supervise that provide customer service?


The roles that we will supervise that give customer service includes Customer Service Associate whose responsibilities are answering all questions of customers and resolving issues, setting goals for team etc.

  • Describe one product/service/program you will focus on for the remainder of this
    • Choose ONE product/service/program that is related to customer

Note: this product/service/program should have at least one customer service problem and related system issue.


One service that is related to consumer service is Discounts given to the customers which attract them to buy the particular product.

  • Summarise mathematical information about your chosen product/service/program targets contained in your business’s business plan and customer service plan (e.g. sales targets, complaint resolution targets ).

Business Plan

Values Objectives Marketing Strategies
Innovation Identify innovative revenue sources for helping further classrooms Improving advertising and sales promotion
Ethical principles Increase range of services and products which is given to reach the targeted market Improving service quality offered to consumers
Collaboration Increase number of sales for increasing donations to deprived classrooms Providing attractive structure of fees to the clients

  • Describe the customers of your chosen product/service/program.
    • Who are the customers (e.g. individual or business, gender, age-range, personality type, career, quantifications )?

Answer The customers of Worlducation are mainly the parents of primary school students and they come in the middle-class category of the society.

  • What do you already know about your customer behaviour (i.e. how do the customers select, buy, and use your products/services or programs to satisfy their needs and wants?)

Answer The customers of Worlducation mainly select the products by seeing the range of prices, quality of the product, services are given by the company like discounts and after buying service, and also they mainly focus on the requirement of the product.

  • Identify at least two sources of information you may use to do customer research.

Answer Two sources of information that we might utilize to research consumers are given below:

  1. Social media
  2. Business magazines
  • Use the sources to research and further summarise customer

Answer Customer’s requirements are the features or specifications of the product or services that are believed important by consumers. All these needs motivate consumers to purchase the service or product (Carliner, 2015).

  • Describe customer service in your chosen business
    • Describe the quality of existing customer relations in your business (i.e. positive, negative, consultative, respectful, distant ) related to your chosen product/service/program.

Answers The quality of present consumer relations in the business are very positive as the Worlducation offers its services and products with better quality and at an attractive price to their particular clients (Lanchester, 2017).

  • Describe any legislative, regulatory and code of practices related to customer service in your

Answer It includes the following:

  1. Politeness – it is the utilization of excellent manners in entire interactions
  2. Responsiveness – it means meeting all the deadlines on time
  • Describe any existing policies and procedures for customer service and the handling of customer complaints.

Answer It includes:

  1. Respecting all customers and clients and also their confidentiality of information
  2. Being knowledgeable and objective and also describing integrity
  3. Understanding the clients and their requirements (Lanchester, 2017).

Note: Attach proof of the policies to this section of your portfolio.

  • Identify any protocols you need to follow as you:
    • manage people who provide customer service (e.g. internal communication protocols).

Answer It includes protocols of interior communication like surveys of staff etc.

  • interact with customers (e.g. external communication protocols)

Answer It includes protocols of exterior communication

  • do your work (e.g. work location and times)

Answer It includes timeframe of work and location of work

  • Identify best practice models and standards relevant to the customer service of your chosen business product/service/program.
    • Summarise at least one best practice

Answer It include concern about the consistency of consumer service (Greer, et al., 2016).

  • Summarise at least one

Answer It includes responding to the inquiry of the consumer as soon as possible.

  • Evaluate your business’s product/service/program against the identified standard and best practice model and standard.

Answer Worlducation gives better services to their consumers as they solve their complaints as soon as possible by addressing them effectively (Greer, et al., 2016).

  • Seek written customer feedback from at least two customers on:
  • product/service/program quality, cost and time frames
  • service delivery expectations
  • specific problems or complaints
  • their experience with individual customer service
  • How will you seek customer feedback (e.g. online review, review comments using inbuilt review functionality, survey, telephone calls )?

Answer We will seek the feedback of customers through virtual reviews, reviewing all comments utilizing inbuilt functionality of review, calls by telephone, surveys etc.

  • How will you manage the feedback received from customers within your business’s system?

Answer We will manage the received feedback by:

  1. Prioritizing feedback
  2. Sharing and communicating feedback
  3. Collecting ongoing customer feedback

Note: Attach proof of the feedback (link to an online survey)

and how you managed the feedback in the business’s system (e.g. online survey results entered into a feedback register) to this section of your portfolio. You can use fellow students to provide feedback to each other.

  • Summarise customer service
    • What are customer service requirements for the product/service/program quality, cost and time frames?

Answer It includes:

  1. Delivery on time
  2. Better quality
  3. Convenience in price
  • What are the customer’s service delivery expectations?

Answer The expectation includes that the delivery should be on time with better quality services offered by the company.

  • Describe any problems or complaints.

Answer These include issues in delivery, average quality, services are not according to the customers’ expectations, delays in delivery.

  • How has the customer experienced interactions with customer service staff?

Answer It was effective as the customer interacted with all their issues and complaints with the staff and it helped the consumer service staff to address all these problems effectively.

  • Identify system issues linked to the problems identified by customers (as per the customer feedback).
    • Describe at least two system problems that have contributed to poor customer service.

Answer Two problems of systems are:

  1. Misunderstanding of expectations of consumer
  2. Lack of proper training
  • Take responsibility for addressing the difficulties experienced (e.g. send an email to the CEO, respond to a review comment, request training ).


To –

From –

Subject – Regarding addressing all difficulties faced

Respected sir,

This is to inform you that I am taking all responsibility to address the difficulties which the organization has experienced.

I request you to give your valuable feedback regarding this.

With regards,


Note: Attach proof of how you’ve taken responsibility for this section of your portfolio.

Attach: Policies and procedures
Proof of the feedback
Proof of how you managed the feedback in the business’s system
Proof of how you’ve taken responsibility
Section 2: Deliver quality customer service

  • Describe at least two customer service goals to meet the customer service requirements and product/service/program targets established in Section

The two service goals that are required to meet customer service are:

  1. There should be reduced in the wait time for the response of the call from the customers
  2. The communication skills of the staff that is responsible for delivering the customer service                      should be perfect and also no language barrier in that (Terziev, et al.,2017).
  • Integrate customer service goals and requirements (identified in Section 1) into the existing business

Note: Attach the modified business plan to this section of your portfolio.

Modified Business Plan for the customer service Goals

Vision statement

Customer satisfaction is the priority of the business that must be guaranteed by the responsible staff.

Customer Service Goal and Objective The objective of the customer service is that customers should be satisfied and feel free to tell the problems to the executive staff. And there will be proper communication without any hesitation.
Modified Customer services

1. The staff will be without the language barriers of the customers.

2. Staff will prioritise the customers without holding their call.

3. Technical difficulties will be prioritised.

  • Refine at least one of your business’s customer service policies and procedures to reflect best practice models, standards and customer service goals and requirements (as identified/evaluated in Section 1).

Note: Attach the modified policies and procedures to this section of your portfolio.

  1. Policies and Procedure of the Customer Service
  2. There should be a hold time of customer call which is less than 2 minutes.
  3. Calls from the customers should be answered quickly without delay of 1 minute (Terziev, et al.,2017).
  4. The Quarries should be asked in a well-mannered way and the solution will be provided within a maximum of 4 hours.
  5. There should be feedback from the customer taken after the call through the mail.
  • Summarise the outcomes of your
    • Who did you meet with?
    • Describe the diverse needs (e.g. language differences) of the staff members you met with (include at least one diverse need)?
    • How did you consider the diverse needs during your meeting?
    • What are the strengths and experience of the staff members you met with?
    • What feedback did they provide?
    • How will you adapt the delivery of the product/service/program to meet customer service requirements?
    • If not already viewed in person by your assessor, attach proof of your meeting to this section of your portfolio.

The outcome of the meeting was positive as the meeting with staff members of the customer service. As there was discussion about the problems that are faced by the customers during the calls and also about the communication gaps between them. There is a need for a diverse approach that is required to minimize these kinds of problems there are language differences which is needed to be solved so that there will be no communication gap. There are staff members who have good communication skills and have professionalism in their behaviour with well-disciplined behaviour. There was feedback asked by the staff so that these policies can be implemented in better ways and these policies are agreed upon by the staff. And the delivery of customer services is adopted by the staff in properly changing behaviour.

  • Identify and describe the physical and human resources required to address one of the identified problems and related system issues experienced by customers (identified in Section 1).

Complete the table to answer this question:

Problem experienced by the customer: Calls are not answered and also the hold time of calls is very long.
System issue resulting in poor customer service: There are fewer staff members and also a communication gap.
Team member requiring support: Communication and language barriers

Human resources (at least one)

e.g. Additional call centre staff member

Require an additional staff member for the call centre.
Physical resources (at least one)

e.g. Checklist to complete before product is shipped to client.

Proper checklist for the product.
How will the resources address the problem or issue? There will be proper management of the call answering and also less call hold timing.
How will the resources support the staff member? The checklist will help to monitor the product requirements properly (Hathaway, et al.,2022).

  • Develop at least one physical resource required to address customer service requirements (identified in the previous step).

Note: Attach proof of your developed physical resource (e.g. checklist) to this section of your portfolio. Also attach proof of how you managed the written resource according to organisational systems and processes (e.g. screen shot of the document filed in the organisation’s filing system using the correct document naming conventions).


There should be proper and correct documentation of the checklist that should be mentioned while delivering customer services. This will help in the proper monitoring of the customer service

  • Procure at least one human resource required to address customer service requirements (identified in step 5).

Note: Attach proof how you procured the human resource (e.g. email to CEO requesting permission to recruit the resource, advert etc.) to this section of your portfolio.

  1. E-mail to CEO



Subject: for the Requirement of new staff for a call centre. 

Dear sir,

This mail is to inform you that there is a need for an extra staff member for the customer service because there is a problem in the delivering of the customer service and due to this there are many unsatisfied customers feedback received. And so, there is a need for extra staff for answering calls on time.

Thank you

Kindly Regards,


  • Deliver your product/service/program to meet customer requirements (according to your adapted business plan, customer service policies and procedures and improved customer service delivery).
  1. E-mail to Customer



Subject: for resolving the complaint number xx87x78

Dear sir,

This mail is to inform you that the complaint number xx87x78 that you registered on Saturday from your side. The complaint is successfully resolved and the requirement of the from your side is successfully done.

Thank you,


Customer service staff

Note: Attach proof of how you’ve delivered your product/service/program to meet customer requirements (e.g. completed checklist).

Attach: Modified business plan
Modified customer service policy and procedures  

Proof of meeting with team (if relevant)  

Developed physical resource  

Proof of how you managed the written resource according to organisational systems and processes  

Proof of how you procured the human resource
Proof of how you’ve delivered your product/service/program to meet customer requirements  

Section 3: Monitor and assess customer service

  • Develop at least one strategy to monitor customer service progress related to your chosen problem and system


The monitoring of the customer service progress will be done regularly based on how much customers are satisfied or not with the recommended solution that was provided to customers and the also monitored through the repetitive nature of the same complaint which was registered by the same customer (Caster,2020).

  • Use the strategy you developed in the previous step to monitor the performance of customer service staff (using the strategies identified in section 2).

Note: Attach proof of how you monitored progress to this section of your portfolio (e.g. photo of you observing sales staff, weekly summary of customer complaints, survey sent to customers etc.)

It was 6 months passed since the new policies are implemented by the customer service staff and for monitoring how effective these policies are implemented in the customer service for this there is a proper weekly summary of customer complaints registered and this will be found out that there are no more repetitive complaints from the same customer and the problem of answering is resolved and the feedback is positive which was asked by the customers.

  • Assess customer service.
  • Are customer service goals being achieved?
  • Has your chosen problem and system issue been resolved?


Most of the problems which are faced by the customers are that there is no answering of calls and the calls are put on hold for a long time and this will result to many complaints about this new policies are arranged and business modified the customer policies that lead to the proper answering of calls that is achieved by the recruiting extra staff for customer service and also some monitoring policies are changed so that proper monitoring can be done and help in the finding the gaps and problem which can be resolved by the customer service staff (Pustokhina, et al.,2021).

Attach: Proof of how you monitored progress


Carliner, S. (2015). Training design basics. Association for Talent Development.

Lanchester, J. (2017). You are the product. London Review of Books39(16), 3-10.

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