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Manage Conflict


Manage Conflict

Table of Contents

Assessment Task 1. 3

Assessment task 2. 7

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Assessment Task 1

Question 1

Three common signs of warning are as follows:

1) Productivity slows down when there is a conflict between employees in the workplace.

2) Change in behavior while interacting with others

3) When someone shows signs of disengagement (Rohwerder, 2015).

Question 2

Stage 1 is Latent – It is an early stage of the conflict in this stage the people are not aware of any type of conflict, but it might be possible that hidden frustrations could be there which may appear at the surface at any time (Chan, et al., 2014).

Stage 2 is felt and Perceived – In this stage it is known that the conflict has developed in this stage people go through the felt and perceived stage.

Stage 3 Conflict approach – In this stage people who are involved in the conflict approach adopt. It is based on the style and choice and how they want to deal with it.

Stage 4 Negotiate or stalemate –It depends on the strategy that will be used in stage 3 through which the conflict moves forward or come to an end by negotiation (Chan, et al., 2014).

Stage 5 Aftermath – The resulted outcome of the dispute ranges from a completely positive resolution or can reach a dissolution of the relationship as an alternative (Bruno, 2020).

Question 3

Recognized levels of conflicts are as follows:

1) Interpersonal conflict

2) Intrapersonal conflict

3) Inter-organizational conflict

4) Intergroup conflict

Question 4

Factors that lead to conflict in the hospitality industries are as follows:

1) Lack of privacy or overcrowding – Generally people go out for fun and enjoyment but if anything disrupts them then it can lead to conflict (Rohwerder, 2015).

2) Noise – When people visit a place that deals with the hospitality they seek calm and peace there and if not found then it may lead to conflict.

3) Untidy or dirty workspace (Bruno, 2020).

Question 5

Conflict theory says that the result of a growing and cumulative conflict is war and inequality.

Which occur between groups, individuals, and society. Society may get unified someday but conflicts remain between them.

Question 6

Active learning–It refers to the set of techniques that helps to understand what the speaker wants to say and helps a speaker to clearly express himself. It is a very useful technique that is used in resolving conflicts.

Empathy – It helps the mediators in identifying the key concerns of the party and their sacred values.

It helps in building trust and increasing the understanding between parties.

Non–verbal communication – In the situation of high stress where conflict can occur for any small reason then manipulating through non-verbal communication is a very effective way to confront problems.

Style of language – It can be used in many ways like:

By avoiding a trivial argument

By accommodating angry customers

It is very effective when there is a need to collaborate with a willing customer

Questioning techniques – It is a very effective technique because the overall learning related to the situation increases.

It helps in promoting listening skills.

It helps to deepen the understanding related to the information provided.

Communicating in a culturally competent manner – It refers to the technique in which people communicate with awareness and possess knowledge related to the disparities related to healthcare and factors affecting socio cultural behaviours.

Question 7

Being a bit assertive depicts that you give respect to yourself and take a stand to express your feelings and at the same time you understand the rights of others that help in resolving the problem

A conflict can also be solved by negotiation because in this method you address the conflict, not the person, you try to find some common interest and look for the best alternative that helps in negotiating between parties (Williams, et al., 2019)

Question 8

1) Date and time of the problem that occurred.

2) Suggestions related to resolving problems (Williams, et al., 2019)

3) Copy related to the immediate response of the supervisor in written format

4) Date on which employee met the supervisor.

Question 9

Counsellors –It let the parties consider the situation with an objective approach which helps them in developing new perspectives and give a positive outlook toward solving the problem.


Internal security staff – They are the ears and eyes of the problem they provide the best view of the situation and help to de-escalate the situation (Tedeschi, et al., 2017).

Mediators – They help the parties to reach a mutual agreement and avoid the parties getting derailed into a conflict.

Other staff – They help in resolving the conflict by providing wider ideas of conflict resolution.

By talking to the members of the team individually.

Police – They suggest solutions to the parties and imply negating strategies that help in resolving the conflict (Tedeschi, et al., 2017).

Senior staff –Their role is to investigate, listen and ask questions to realize what is going on and then identify an effective solution for employees which helps in resolving the conflict peacefully.




Assessment task 2

Role play 1

SupervisorHello! Good Afternoon.

Customer – Good afternoon, are you talking from Bridge hotel?

Supervisor – Yes sir, how may I help you?

Customer – I have called you because I am not at all satisfied with your services.

Supervisor – Sorry sir but what happened can you please elaborate?

Customer – In the morning I ordered a parcel but the parcel I received was not the same that I ordered plus the packaging was not good at all so I called your hotel to take the parcel back and give me the correct parcel.

But to my disappointment, nobody came yet, for how long we will have to wait for the parcel to arrive. Seriously very disappointed with your services.

Supervisor – Actually sir due to mother’s day the day in our hotel was hectic and as you know mistakes are committed by humans only so please forgive us but do not worry I’ll contact the delivery driver about his location and ask him how much time it will take to reach your location.

Supervisor – Sir Can you please tell me the parcel code and ordering time so that I can note down your complaint.

Customer – Yes note it down it is ‘234fds’ and the time on which I ordered was approx. 12: 30pm.

Customer – But you know that this parcel was supposed to be for my mom and we have been waiting for it since morning.

Supervisor – Sorry sir for our inconvenience, I’ll give a discount of 10% on this parcel. And I‘ll ask the driver to deliver the parcel as soon as possible.

Customer – Seriously your services just ruined my day now please ask your driver where is he?

Supervisor – Yes sir.

Supervisor – Sir I asked the driver and he is only 2 min away from your house.

Customer – Okay

Complaints Register –

Date and time – 1/07/2022, 1:30 pm

Reason – Error in the parcel and late delivery of the parcel.

Ideas to solve the problem:

The package was damaged so to solve this problem we will have to Increase the quality of our packaging.

To solve the problem of the wrong parcel the staff that handles packaging should confirm the type of dish a particular code has ordered i.e. the customer.

And to solve the problem of late delivery I guess we will have to contact more delivery drivers because the no. of. The orders were high.





To- Customers id

From – Supervisor

Date – 01/07/2022

Sub – Asking for feedback on the outcome.


First of all sorry for your inconvenience, I hope that you have received the correct parcel this time.

But we will make sure that this kind of problem never happens again.

So, can you please provide us the feedback related to the outcome of the problem?

And thanks for ordering.






Role play 2

Supervisor – Wait person please call the staff related to cooking and packaging.

Wait person – Okay sir.

Supervisor – Good afternoon everybody.

Staff – good afternoon sir.

Supervisor – I know the day was hectic today you guys have struggled hard. But still, I think that the coordination between you people is not that efficient because since morning we have received complaints like an error in the parcel or late deliveries.

So, I want to know the reason that what was happening.

Staff – Sir we think that some people on the staff lack competency.

Supervisor – Well please do not judge anybody instead of that we should focus on improving ourselves, okay.

Staff – Sorry sir.

Supervisor – If there is any sort of mistake happening in the hotel then it is not just the responsibility of one person to handle it but every department should participate equally. This is called a Lack of competency among staff.

Supervisor – Now tell me what was happening with you guys why was our efficiency decreasing today?

Staff –Sir we have never worked in this type of stressed environment before so we got a bit panic.

Plus the equipment and the devices used in the kitchen were not that efficient enough and that was taking more time to complete the orders.

And some people are new so they were not capable of handling this much stress and orders at the same time.

Supervisor- And what about the wrong packaging?

Staff – It all happened because there were many orders of the same kind only a few things were different in them.

Supervisor – okay I got the problem, first, let me just file these problems in the complaint register so that I can consult properly with the senior staff.

Supervisor – So think, first, we need to solve the problem related to the efficiency of new staff. So for this, we will provide some necessary training, especially to the new staff so that they can work efficiently in stressed conditions.

And to solve the problem with technology I’ll consult with the senior authority about changing it.

And at last, to avoid missed packaging we can add the name of the dish outside the parcel below the customer order no.

Staff – Okay sir, thank you

Supervisor – Okay, know you people may leave.

Supervisor – And I found that wait person was also facing difficulties in collecting feedback from customers, they should do it nicely as it affects the reputation of our hotel as well.

Complaint register-

Date and time – 01/07/2022, 2:00 pm

Matter – Lack of competence, improvement in technology, and errors in packaging.

Solution –To solve the problem of competency in new employees we will provide them with proper training. And to increase the overall efficiency we will replace the old devices with a new one. And at last, to stop the problem of miss packaging we will add the name of the dish that the customer has ordered below the customer order id.



From –

Date – 01/07/2022

Sub – Importance of feedback


I am writing this mail to discuss with you the importance of taking feedback from the customers. As you are the eye and ear of every situation so you should provide a serious response to conflicts.

If there is a customer that has become ill and providing you the feedback please share it with us by debriefing it.

Because if the customer is not satisfied with the services then it can leave a bad impact on the mind of the customer and can affect our reputation

By taking the feedback we get a chance to improve our weak points and become more efficient.

And if there is a conflict please provide us with the feedback and share how you resolved it.





Role play 3

Wait person – Sir Hurry up there is a conflict in the kitchen a staff member is behaving weirdly.

Supervisor – OH! What happens?

Wait for the person – Sir come fast before any customer sees it.

Supervisor – What is happening will someone tell me?

Staff member – Sir there is a member who is unnecessarily getting involved in the conflicts.

Supervisor – Who’s it and what is the problem with him?

Staff member – Sir I think that he is under the influence of drugs.

Supervisor –Bring some security staff because he can get aggressive

Wait person – Okay sir.

Security staff – What happened, sir?

Supervisor – There is a staff member who is under the influence of drugs and he is misbehaving with everybody.

Security staff – Then in this case I think that we should call the police.

Supervisor – No, first let me talk to the senior management because it can affect the image of the hotel.

Security person – Okay sir.

Supervisor –to the senior staff, sir there is a staff member who is under the influence of drugs and is misbehaving with everybody. What should I do?

Senior staff –Take him under control with the help of security staff. And then inform me about the situation.

Supervisor – Okay sir, security please handle him before anybody see him.

Security member – Okay sir.

Supervisor – Give him something so that by vomiting the influence of the drug decreases and after that bring him to me.

Security staff – okay sir.

Security member – Sir he is now out of the influence of drugs now you can talk to him.

Supervisor – Okay I am coming.

Supervisor- to the member who was under the influence of drugs. How can you come to the hotel when you were under the influence of the hotel? This kind of behavior is not tolerated in our hotel and that is why I am terminating you right now so that from this lesson you won’t repeat this kind of mistake.

Member – Sorry sir it will not happen again.

Supervisor – I will not hear a single word and no apology is accepted. You may go.

Incident report

This report deals with the case that happen today in the morning on the premises of Bridge hotel there was a staff member who was under the influence of drugs and became aggressive with the other staff members. And my task was to resolve the conflict nicely by taking the situation under control.

Today in the morning waitperson came to me and said that there is a staff member who is under the influence of drugs very badly and creating a nuisance on the premises of the hotel.

So I called out for security staff and took them with me to deal with the situation there according to the procedure I contacted the senior staff and took their advice on the situation. After that, I asked the security member to handle him and anyhow give him something so the influence of drugs decreases and then send him to my office.

After that security took him with them and I went back to my office.

After some time waitperson came and said that the person is now out of the influence of drugs and I can now talk to him.

Then that person came to my office where I told him that after the consultation with the senior staff member we have decided to terminate him, I told him that we were not handling him to the police because we want to give him a chance and not spoil his career, but we cannot allow him to work in our office now.

So this is how I deal with the conflict patiently by following all the advice from the senior staff and maintaining the decorum of the hotel and at last, I registered everything in the complaint register according to the rules, policy, and procedures.


I think I deal with the situations legally without violating the policies and other human rights.

In the case of the customer complaint, I showed empathy toward him and actively listened to him, and sorted out his problem patiently (Ardelt, &Grunwald, 2018).

In the second case when the staff members were facing a problem I listened to them carefully and then according to their needs provided them the solution so that the chances of the conflict disappear.

In the third case when that person was under the influence of drugs I followed all the rules and policies without violating any human rights and with the help of security staff sorted out the problem patiently without getting involved in the conflict (Ardelt, &Grunwald, 2018).





To – assessor

From – supervisor

Date – 2/06/2022

Sub – Summiting documents


I am summiting all the necessary documents that contain the information about the role plays that were conducted, the incident report, and the complaints register. And all these documents are attached to this mail.





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