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Learn The Art of Argumentative Essay Writing

As students, you will undoubtedly encounter various academic essays throughout high school, college, and university. You’ll have to read case studies, dissertations, research papers, and other things, for instance. The most frequent types of projects you’ll encounter among them are essays.

When students are writing the essay they are likely to encounter various essay types:

1) Narrative essays
2) Descriptive essays
3) Argumentative essays
4) Expository essay

From the above-mentioned essays, the students struggle most in the argumentative essay. They face difficulty in writing this essay because it requires a lot of effort in composing a good writing piece.

What do you understand by an argumentative essay?

It is one of the genres of writing when writing an essay. In this essay on the specific issues, a firm stance is taken. There is a need to collect a certain amount of evidence for supporting the viewpoint, and there is also a need to provide some of the counterarguments, and thoroughly the topic investigated. These kinds of the essay provide the students with a nice opportunity. When writing these easy they can highlight their ability of framing consider yet logical justifications and then apply them to their persuading abilities.

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for Writing a Strong Argumentative Essay

Unless you’re familiar with the writing process, you won’t be able to come up with an excellent argumentative essay out of thin air. However, there is need no need to think much about it. You’ll learn the ropes of writing an argumentative essay with this simple, step-by-step guide, so you can score an A+ on every assignment you submit.

Step 1:

An engaging topic must be chosen

For making sure of the writing quality the engaging topic of the argumentative essay goes the long way. In this step, unfortunately, the majority of students pick a difficult subject that they are uninterested in.

When you don’t have any opinions about the topic you are addressing, you will find it difficult to develop an engaging argument. Later, or Sonner, the audience will eventually lose interest.

Step 2:

For the essay, a proper structure must be chosen

To present your argument coherently, you need to structure the essay correctly. Generally, in most of the writing general format is followed:

  1. The easy is starts with the introduction
  2. Then comes the body
  3. Then at the end of the essay conclusion is written

Furthermore, you need to make sure your argument flows logically. When writing, you must try to imagine the reader’s perspective and figure out how to make him or she understand your perspective.

Step 3:

In-depth and careful research must be conducted

The purpose of an argumentative essay is to convince your reader that your viewpoint is correct on a particular subject. Logic and data are vital for this but are not sufficient on their own. this is why it is important to conduct in-depth research so that sufficient evidence can be collected for writing the argumentative essay.

Step 4:

Counterarguments can be added

If the essay is approached from one viewpoint only, then there might be a possibility that the reader may consider the essay writer biased. Therefore, it is important to add some of the counterarguments in the essay, and one by one they must be refuted. It will also help to show the extensive knowledge in that area and to the writing, more credibility is provided.

Step 5:

The controversial and sensitive topics must be avoided-

When the topic of the argumentative essay is chosen, topics which controversial and sensitive must be avoided. Furthermore, it is impossible to remain neutral in your analysis, and censorship is also more likely with such subjects.

Following the above Easy Step-By-Step Instructions for Writing a Strong Argumentative Essay can help in writing a great argumentative essay. It will simply impress your professor.

Argumentative writing types-

You’ll come across three different forms of argumentative essays throughout your academic career, each of which calls for a different strategy. Which are:

1) Research argumentative essay

This essay is depending primarily on the external evidence for supporting the specific argument. However, in this kind of essay writing objectivity must be maintained. Providing adequate support for the core idea and the opposing arguments is one way to do this.

2) Persuasive argumentative essay

in this essay, the primary goal is to convince the reader that one side of the essay argument is more valid when compared with the other. therefore, it is crucial to present the viewpoint clearly and also include sufficient evidence for substantiating the claims. To the stance counter, arguments can also be provided and each claim must be logically refuted.

3) Personal argumentative essay

In this essay objectivity of the essay goes out of the window. In the personal argumentative essay, there is no need to do in-depth research for preparing the case. This case is based on personal subjectivity and opinion. However, there is no indisputable evidence for supporting the claims, so there is a need to convince the readers to review the topic and see the issue through your eyes.

The more you review the samples of argumentative essays, it will be helpful to differentiate between these tips for assignment writing types.

Argumentative essay examples and topics-

1) Examples of Argumentative Essays with Thesis statements

Example A: Vaccinations must not be up for the debate

Thesis statement: against deadly diseases like mumps, polio, Ebola, and cholera vaccination must be made mandatory for children who are planning to enroll in schools. As vaccination can stop the transmission of such viruses.

2) Examples of the paragraph argumentative essay

There are five paragraphs in a traditional argumentative essay. The five paragraphs consist of the introduction of one paragraph, the body of three paragraphs, and the conclusion of one paragraph. In such kind of essay, some of the topics which can be explored are-

  1. To democracy are there any drawbacks?
  2. Does religion have a significant impact on wars?
  3. For cyberbullying charging some fine is the right punishment?

For universities some of the examples of argumentative essay:

  1. Should public figures engage in political activism?
  2. Should women only be represented in senior roles in corporations?
  3. According to you reading traditional books is better than reading e-books?

Examples of the immigration argumentative essay:

  1. For preventing illegal immigration does border closing helpful?
  2. Does the number of immigrants grow to make crime more likely?
  3. Should immigrants who travel to neighboring nations to avoid war be given free access to necessities?

Above mentioned topics of the essay can be helpful for you to become familiarised with argumentative essays. So, for becoming more perfect in essay writing by practice.

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