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Knowledge Assessment

Knowledge Assessment (Written Task)

Question 1

Quality assurance stands for maintaining the quality throughout the process and procedure making of a product. it takes part in every step so that the final product that develops must fulfill its desired work and satisfy the customer’s need(Mittag,& Rinne, 2018).

Question 2

Quality assurance is very important in building good relationships with the customer because it ensures that the final product is going to perform as per the need of the customer and going to satisfy the customer in every aspect which will help in boosting their confidence in the organization.

Question 3

(d) Both A & B

Question 4

Civil contractor’s federation contractor management system scheme helps in building the trust in the organization as it certified the company if it manages to meet their pre-set benchmark in related work and also fit in relevant regulators body’s etc. customers trusts such organizations which have this certification which is given by Australian civil contractor’s federation.

Question 5

ISO 9000 is a quality measure and it stands for international standards for quality assurance.  It also helps in increasing the efficiency of the organization the main goal is to increase productivity, cut down unnecessary costs, and also ensure the quality of the final result or product. its principle includes customer focus, good leadership, involvement of people, continues improvement process, helps in decision making based on the real facts and data, and also helps in building a relationship with the supplier (Stamatis, 2018).

Question 6

(b)  Define project processes to be evaluated and improves by the Quality control process.

Question 7

bar graph of problems and their frequencies is called the Pareto chart name after its inventor which is Mr. Vifredo Paret. The long bars represent the frequencies or time or cost, etc. and it is arranged in descending order which starts from long to short from left to right. This helps in analyzing the problem properly and helps in focusing on which problem first. It is included in one of the assessment tools for quality checks (Raman, & Basavaraj, 2019).

Question 8

The importance of a continuous quality system is written below:

  1. More engaged employee: – it works directly on the problem of an employee because it empowers the employee and also increases their working processes. If the employee feels that the idea is important he will work more efficiently.
  2. Lower employee turnover: – as training of employees plays a vital role some of the time it could be of years training and if an employee gets more reason to stay than to leave he will become an asset to the organization.
  3. Having a productive environment is the major importance played by a continuous quality system.

Question 9

Document control helps in maintaining the most current data to excess and manage and also to access the current data based on the passed data it is very important in maintaining the copies also for proof of compliance.

Question 10

Some important elements of a quality management system are as follows –

  1. Policy and objective for quality.
  2. Quality manual.
  3. Organizational structure and responsibilities.
  4. Data management
  5. Processes.
  6. Satisfaction of customers with the quality of the product.

Question 11

Procedure to identify and resolve quality problems includes identification of the issue and its root cause, it’s possible alternatives and their impacts, selecting the best among all possible options, and the last step is to monitor the step whether the solution step fits the problem or not.

Question 12

The five ways to maintain project quality are written below: –

  1. Automated code review tools.
  2. Quality control.
  3. Quality management planning.
  4. Quality assurance.
  5. Customer satisfaction.

Question 13

The importance and benefit of a quality management system are written below: –

  1. Better morale – staff with the proper training perform well in their particular role and work.
  2. Increased efficiency – Business aims on increasing the efficiency and quality of the process by following strict guidelines everyone.
  3. International recognition – ISO certification helps in building trust internationally and such businesses go a long way with a better image.
  4. Process improvement – QMS for everyone helps them to understand the need of their work and it became easy to tack also.

Question 14

Nowadays more businesses using compliances program for avoiding criminal charges. Ensuring that every required compliance is met a company can avoid different risks such as penalties, fines, etc. having a track record of compliances will only going to help the business in the long term by avoiding violation of rules.

Question 15

Quality of design refers to the products that fit the requirement of the customer. it gives the brand and product trustworthiness and customer can buy the product on behalf of the quality product plus a product with top-notch quality will make a good impression, which helps in overall trust with the customers.

Question 16

Steps included in quality control plan: –

  1. Create an organizational chart
  2. Define responsibilities
  3. Purchase and review materials
  4. Verify supplier’s qualification
  5. Evaluate quality feedback
  6. Develop a process for corrective action (Mitra, 2016).


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