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K93 Tourism and Hospitality Management

Assignment Two

2A -Proposal and Digital Poster Design


The proposal is to build a hotel that is being fulfilled with all the comfort and necessities of living. The selected hospitality organization is Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley. The chosen hospitality organization is one of the most famous hotels in Australia. The hotel is one of the best in the country. The hotel is engaged in various tourism and hospitality services in Australia. The hotel contains all the modern amenities and is famous for its brand name and reputation (Wood, 2015).

Details Description

The selected hospitality organization is Emirates One & Only Wolgan Valley. It is a famous hotel that is reputed and famous for its brand name. It is operational in Australia. This hotel is famous for its hospitality service and trained staff. The hotel has a good reputation in the hospitality industry.

Marketing activities

The marketing activities include the creation of a good image in the mind of the readers. The marketing activities also include the managing of the resources for the target audience. These are also activities to increase awareness among the target audience. The brand name and reputation can also be used for improving the 4 Ps in the marketing process. The company indulges in the sale of airline tickets as a part of its marketing strategies. It operates international tours for the same. Apart from these it also operates restaurant services on its premises. The front office and other activities are also a part of their marketing activities (Wood, 2015).

Digital poster

2B Forum Discussion

Forum discussion

There are several topics of online discussion that can be developed. Starting from the marketing activities to the market condition for the hospitality sector, several topics need to be discussed in the online platform for the promotional activities in the forum. The marketing techniques comprise the four Ps. Marketing is used to direct the different kinds of marketing variables that are used by the sales and marketing team to target the specific audience and group of customers. To achieve success, the hotel should have the right promotional strategies, and the right services that are important to compete with the rivals and grab the market opportunities. Product, Price, Place, and Promotion are the four parameters of marketing (Grobelna, 2015).

This needs to be discussed in the online forum for successful marketing strategies. The product is considered the beginning because, without the right services, the marketing team of the hotel has nothing to offer to the customers and clients. Price is a very crucial element. Little change in the price can shift the hotel’s customer to the competitor’s product and service. So, developing the correct strategy for pricing is very important for the business. The place of the hotel should be right and should have the right location so that customers and visitors can easily reach there without facing any difficulty. The appropriate location for the hotel is one, from which all the potential customers and visitors can easily reach there. Lastly, the promotions help to generate awareness regarding their products and services and induce them to visit their hotel (Grobelna, 2015).


Grobelna, A. (2015). Intercultural challenges facing the hospitality industry. Implications for education and hospitality management. Journal of Intercultural Management7(3), 101-117.

Wood, R. C. (Ed.). (2015). Hospitality management: a brief introduction. Sage.

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