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What Canadian Employers Needs

Employment is the need of the modern society which helps in the working capital and produces more human capital for the employer and the employees, there is a need for some skills which are possess by every employer. In the world of competition, there is a need for the perfect skills which must be possess by the employer so that they got the job they need to possess and these skills should be needed.

Soft skills of the employers

The soft skills which needed to be maintained by the employers so that they can adapt to the situation and these are the most important skills which are no-technical that help the human resources to adjust the situations and work accordingly to the organization’s needs and these needs help in the organization objective(Binsaeed, et al.,2017).

  1. Communication with the other staff members at the workplace helps in exploring more opportunities in the organization and communication help in proper management of the skills.
  2. The method of problem-solving which needed for the organization so that the problems can be overcome through the proper solution and accurate with effectiveness.
  3. Positive attitude and behaviours: this will help in making yourself and fight in different and complete situations positively and this will remain with the individual but this impact the organisation.
  4. Adaptability: this is most important for human nature that the individual needs to possess better adaption to the environment the better communication and also the individual will face fewer problems in adjusting with the adaptability(Binsaeed, et al.,2017).

Hard Skills

Each job requires each type of skill and these skills are the ability possessed by the employees to set their objectives and the goals for which they are applying these skills are seen in the physical behaviour of the employees. These skills are also known as technical skills which know the particular field that is required by the employer(Patacsil, & Tablatin 2017). These skills are

  1. should know skills related to mathematic calculation and measurement so that there will be easy in the calculation of different things.
  2. data analysing is also an important technical skill where the different data is required to analyse to do the objective of the employer finding.
  3. An employee should know how to operate the machines this can attain by the proper knowledge of the machines(Patacsil, & Tablatin 2017).
  4. There is also a need the use your knowledge about the computers


The experience is the skill of the individual shown in the behaviour and the level of maturity Experience is the main skill which always gives the main advantage over any other employee because previous work experience helps in the getting less effort to train and also training cost will cost-effective in comparison to the new or fresher candidates.

Barriers for the Freshers

There is always a hard time for the newcomers and also for the fresher they are searching for the and found difficulty in finding the new jobs because of this there are many freshers get many barriers in finding the job in Canada, especially the immigrants who are searching for the job(Bradley & Schmidtke 2018), candidates have found many barriers and these are:

  1. Communication and the language where some find difficulty at the workplace.
  2. Newcomers are not familiar with Canadian ways
  3. Lack of Knowledge about the market of Canada so they have limited knowledge.
  4. some Newcomers are introverted which affectstheir ability to present themselves in front of others.
  5. Some have the barrier of the misinformation or wrong knowledge that is provided from the family, social media, and also from friends.
  6. Lack of knowledge of the rights that are provided for the employers and because of this sometimes employees use them in unlawful ways(Bradley & Schmidtke 2018).

Advantages of Hiring Immigrants

Most of the hiring authorities approach immigrants for their workplace due to some of the advantages which they get from them are

  1. Immigrants come from other places to find jobs and for this, they possess hardworking qualities.
  2. immigrants also possess the behaviour of loyalty because of the work and also their needs
  3. Immigrants have a high and positive attitude towards their work which make them approach the work in unique ways.
  4. sometimes some immigrants have high skills in the work but offering low wages or minimum wages are ready to work in quality work.
  5. Immigrants help in diversifying the workplace with different cultures and languages so that clients may get comfortable with their ways.
  6. Due to financial conditions they provide flexibility in the work you can give they shift which are hardly done by the locals (Patler, 2018).

Barriers to Hiring Immigrants

After having the advantages of hiring Immigrants there are some disadvantages and also some barriers which were faced by the employers who are hiring them.

  1. Basic barrier is language and skills of listening, reading skills and also some writing skills which affects them in negative ways and impacts the workplace.
  2. The experience of the Canadian work culture affects them in negative ways.
  3. Because of the communication immigrants sometimes lack integration with the local team members(Patler, 2018).

Network of the Employers

the network is just the process and the links which are used by the employers to find jobs in the local areas or at the big levels and this network is built through social media search or the internet or personal contacts which are made through personal communication or with the help of others and make friends who help in finding the job or tell about the vacancy in the related work and this networking help in the process of finding the job easily withoutdoing more efforts and find a job in less time.

“Elevator Pitch”

No one has the time to waste on another either that is for the work. No one is ready to give you 5 minutes of their time. So, the elevator is needed to be prepared so that you can easily introduce yourself in the short and catch the attention of the interviewers. Elevator pitch helps in defining the positive intent towards any workplace.

For Example

Hello, myself Harry and I am approaching a diploma in Lambton college and need a part-time job as a student. I have 2 years of working experience in my local area and come to know that you have a vacancy for the post so I am interested.


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